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Republicans Need to Fight Smart in 2014

Up2news Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 9:16 PM
The best way for GOP candidates to handle these questions does not lie in not talking about them. Rather than state an anti agenda they need to express why they are not in the best interest for those that may think they are. When you present an intelligent alternative to what the Democrats are proposing/backing then you give reason for thought. Yes, some liberals can really think, but this has to be a cohesive effort by the GOP candidates. Something they have been lacking because other than grassroots candidates are "stuck in the mud". It's time the GOP accepts the fact that the old way of business is dead.
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Artificial stupidity

Up2news Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 12:11 AM
Since the Saul Alinsky program was put in our schools by the Fed. Dept. of Education (they even believe they are wise) education has been slipping away. We now have generations of teachers, parents and kids that respond emotionally rather than on investigating to find the truth. They no little if nothing about their own country, its history or world history. They will never learn from the tragedies in history. And they all or most voted for Obama on a whim instead of investigating who he really is. I read a book in the 60's, "A Nation of Sheep" - yep, we're there!
Clueless? The botox has frozen her brain as well as her face.
This woman is such a phony. Her food program for schools is a disaster so now she has to promote water as if it were her idea. Get a life Michelle - stick your nose someplace else. Stay out of our lives. Train your dogs or something.
Is Franks a dem in disguise? This is the most stupid move he could make at this time. No one wants another war especially in the Middle East where we have won nothing. Bring our troops and embassy's home and let those people fight it out. They been killing each other since they all split up - let them settle their differences and stay out of our country and others. The only reason we got into this is because of oil and we have our own if we were allowed to drill for it while developing alternatives to lessen the need. Can't this government get anything right?
But we have a law now that says the church can not speak out politically lest they lose their tax deduction. How unfair is that? The government intervening again to keep the church in it's place. What a bunch of lily-livered whooses afraid of losing votes.
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Why the Democrats are Winning

Up2news Wrote: Sep 18, 2013 10:29 AM
Do you remember "The Fountainhead" - for the common good? It's here.
Part of the problem with the government along with the shear ineptness of the personnel is the size. Any institution or business of that size can not be in full control. Add the inferior law making of Clinton to cut security on military basis and you have the making of a full blown homeland security disaster. I watched "The Fountainhead" part II last night - it is eerie how Rand foresaw exactly where our nation is headed today.
Uh, did Nutting figure in the vacations for O and family? Now that's some big spending and we taxpayers paid for it. As for 2009 spending if anyone recalls, Bush stated...."...I will sign this bail out if Obama asks me too....". Therefore simply put it's Obama's spending.
I'm telling you - the botox has gone to her brain. I don't know what Obama's excuse is. Michael, thanks for putting this in print. Perhaps you'll educate some leftist. We can hope can't we?
Stocks may be rising, but so are refinance rates and layoffs at banks, namely Chase and Bank of America. I fail to see how stocks are helping a housing market that's on the way down and unemployment is again going up.
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