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Waiting For Walker

Up2news Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 1:18 PM
Walker is my choice. He doesn't carry the baggage the others do also making it harder for the Left media to draw attention away from important issues. He is also a strong speaker. I'd like to see maybe Dr. Carson on the ticket with him or as Surgeon General. Better yet, Judge Napatolino(spelling wrong) as V.P.
Why are they not using Citizen Audit.org to pull the information which by law must be posted?
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TIME's Person of the Year is...

Up2news Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 11:37 PM
This Man/Group of the Year is a good choice but too bad it is put out by TIME. Time is about as prestigious as the Nobel Peace Prize since they gave it to Obama.
If this lawsuit declares what he did is illegal and congress does not fund it then no one will have money to support these criminals. I do believe it would then be legal for the states to reject anyone without proper I.D. and could send them back at least dump them back in Mexico. I know in a way that sounds cruel but they came here expecting something for nothing and they are not our responsibility. There is a legal way to enter our nation.
Getting close to 50% and a judge sided with the lawsuit brought by Sheriff Joe Arapaio so that suit will go to court also. I hope more states are encouraged by this.
Excellent letter from Reius. She does indeed need to apologize and also Ebony needs to review her attitude and theirs. They do their race a disservice to accept this type of attitude.
You are a little confused. It's the democrats that bow before Marxism and Alinsky.
Right liberty, and Soros is a big contributor to the democrats, but I've never seen him sponsor a program on PBS.
It is time the GOP realized voters want the grass roots philosophy and candidates. It is time the old GOP stops playing games with the voters or they will loose the next elections especially the Presidential. They will cause the voters to split votes to independents and who know which way Moderates will choose.
Why the headline (mis)using the Superbowl to get attention? Why not focus on political conventions? Those are well known to the prostitute trade. So who is to blame and who is going to stop it? Maybe closing our borders would be a good start? Perhaps ID for all those illegals? Why doesn't the Congress really want to do it's job?
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