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The Reason for the Reporting

Unsudscribed Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 1:45 PM
I've heard you Neo-Con Republican shills often repeat the phrase, "America is in the fight of our lives...America is at a cross roads and the stakes are high, maybe even our lives are at stake." And more drama like, "The Democrats don't seem to even acknowledge that we are at war with a brutal throat slashing, burn people alive enemy that wants to destroy us. They'd pull our troops away from fighting in foreign countries with the inevitable result of the fight moving to our own homeland." But, truth be told, the only way those with a slobbering love affair with the Republican Party are willing to pay for this engagement with the Islamo-Fascist enemy is to hold onto their precious George W. Bush tax cut.

Josh Peterson's Daily Caller story about Martha Raddatz's somewhat attenuated connections to the President is the lead story on story on Drudge at the moment.  

For the record, I want to clarify that I do not believe these connections prevent Ms. Raddatz from doing her job well tomorrow night.  I do think they are relevant and that Americans have a right to know about them when they evaluate her fairness and her performance.

That's why I have written about them in the past.