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And yet, to my puzzlement, Mr. Obama, you reject acceptance and cooperation with President el-Sisi and refuse to abandon your fondness for the Muslim. Sir, its pretty simple really, the man supports and facilitates muslim terro...sts not only is he anti-American, anti-Israel but don't forget 20 years in a hate whitey church. I know its hard to believe but we actually have the most effective enemy of the country running the show, talk about the need to vet the voters.
Whatever man, everybody has problems lets not waste time or money on this punk I say hang his a$$ tomorrow.
In a competitive marketplace ones value or pay rate should only be determined by the salable productivity of the worker any other factors are favoritism of one sort or another.
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The Jerk(s) are Pouting

Unrealistic Wrote: Jan 25, 2015 11:08 AM
Good job Scott
Who said republicans have or want to have any thing to do with religion that's a stupid comment, just as stupid as saying religion and Christianity have to be related. To suggest one of the only honest news outlets is espousing hate is also incredibly stupid. Whoever you are you are obviously beyond salvage so F U.
I agree its not torture there is no physical or lasting mental damage but here's the thing the knowledge of pharma has come along way from the sixties and seventies when they would fry your brain with sodium pentatol they have this stuff down to a science I say juice the bstrds they won't be saying what they think you want to hear you'll get what they know.
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JESUS & RIOTERS: A Theology Of Rioting

Unrealistic Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 11:14 AM
No what you aren't seeing is if an authority is not consistent with Fathers word then then that particular authority is not. Think Islam sharia law and others. There was a time when what you are saying is absolutley true up to about 150 years ago.
Actually the only thing Father cannot do is go against his own word.
They are Kenites the same ilk that attempts to corrupt Fathers word via new translations.
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