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Aye, and then reach further into the query, if the law becomes formally legit via the process the question really becomes who is it that presented and voted it in? This is a generalization I know but what % of politicians are attorneys and who benefits from the implementation or opposition of such laws nuff said, talk about creating work.
Everything you wrote is either deceptive or unconstitutional including the twice elected (legally) that is, lying muslim in chief, just how stupid can people be? look at the actions or inactions for understanding.
The wants something for free is what got my attention since 50% of the populace are currently achieving this I guess its OK. May the parasites and their supporters go away soon!
Bemoaning I think not, I firmly support the Idea that ones belief system is their own and this is good, and as it was meant to be. As to my observation about survival of the fittest this is not my epiphany but someone else's (Darwin maybe), however my point is that my belief that Father is on the throne which means in control, (man's Will not with standing) has blessed and furthered technology in all of its forms, So at the end of the day its not only OK but intended for us to exist, excel, utilize the wisdom and abilities that man has been blessed with, just know where it comes from and acknowledge and appreciate.
Supposing you are right about the (agents) what does that say about their sense of integrity, decency and commitment to the American legacy?. I have no respect for the statement "they were just doing their job" (whatever) they chose and choose to do that job.
Don't forget about knob slobbing barney. Funny column Doug missed you last week.
Its actually pretty simple, if you are an evolutionist or secularist then obviously it would be in the best interest to practice survival of the fittest for the good of the human race. If you know that Father is on the throne then it doesn't matter.
Whenever I hear "its the law" my first thoughts are, so why is it a law, who wrote it?, who benefits by it?, is it a good law for the general public or does it actually benefit a specific entity?. Seems to me if all the Laws were reviewed we might find the majority to be unfair and unnecessary.
lol it happens to me too.
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