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It is largely inaccurate to state "What she didn’t appear to understand is that a magazine can be reloaded with more bullets." It is far more accurate to state that DeGette "had/has no earthly clue the first thing about a gun's functioning, and had no idea that magazines can be reloaded."
It's truly hard to comprehend how stupid Chris Matthews is.
The article says that it's about Morgan Freeman's involvement in the issue. The article fails to even mentions Morgan Freeman. Subject-content agreement FAIL.
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Stop the Gay Marriage Bullying

UnlicensedDremel Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 1:07 PM
"This bullying has got to stop -- not only because it's wrong, but because it's un-American." You MUST be kidding us? Picketing, protesting, free speech - that's as American as it gets. Ridiculous statement & article. Don't like it? Do a counter-picket. Buy the man's cakes. Lots of things you can do besides trying to shut down speech by claiming that USING speech is wrong. This is so STUPID that BOTH sides are claiming double standards on speech, and display righteous indignation for the other side using THEIR speech. Both sides are wrong. But this author's side - the pro-Chic Fil-A, anti-gay-marriage side - they are making this absurd claim WAY way more than the other side. Don't cry, now. It's called the 1A - learn about it.
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