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New Poll: Majority of Americans Want Illegal Immigrants to Head Back to Home Countries

Unknown3rdParty Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 10:38 AM
Are we surprised? As a rule, We the People are a law-abiding people, and when people break the law AND GET AWAY WITH IT, we're furious, just like we're furious at the federal government for selectively enforcing existing laws and attempting to create their own coercive, unconstitutional, U.N.-orchestrated mandates.

A new poll released by the Center for Immigration Studies shows the majority of likely voters simply want illegal immigrants to head back to their home countries.

A new poll using neutral language — and avoiding the false choice of conditional legalization vs. mass
— finds that most Americans want illegal immigrants to return to their home counties,
rather than be given legal status. The findings also show a very large gap in intensity, with those who want
illegal immigrants to head home feeling much stronger about that option than those who would...