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The Kroger spokesperson stated that they "... trust them to act responsibly in stores". In other words, Nanny Bloomberg and his minions don't want to take chances because he doesn't trust anybody he can't control.
Hardly docile but definitely a defenseless world populace ...
More like "Please ... buy in!" We the People have this promise to corporations who buy into Obama's load of horse hockey: buy in ... we guarantee to make you sweat.
I'm not sure I'd say "un-American", but I would say foolhardy, not even remotely correct and without a constitutional leg to stand on. The pricetag for losing this one--which I'm sure they will--should come from their salaries, not state coffers (which are taxpayer monies).
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Have You Met...Rep. Diane Black

Unknown3rdParty Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 3:42 PM
Although our Founding Father's language didn't use the same language--Federal government is Public Enemy No. 1--the Constitution, as well as ALL associated writings, emphasize that as their belief, that in the wrong hands, it becomes and enemy to everybody. The REAL problem is apathy in the voters paralleled by the lack of knowledge and the lack of desire to study the issues and vote for candidates who will abide the Constitution.
It's more than merely the Establishment clause that atheists and humanists rely on; they use a line from one of Jefferson's writings regarding separation of state, misquoted AND taken out of context, to reinforce their position that there is allegedly no collusion. Obama talked about Freedom to worship ... quite a different beast: worship as you see fit, but don't practice it in the public square. Atheists preach "Freedom from Religion". In fact, the Founding Fathers were adamant AND openly stated that those who occupied leadership positions in government at ALL levels should be Christians, believers in God and His Son. Why? Because the Christian religion teaches humility, meekness, living by the commandments, being honorable and just men and women, with wrong and right being facts and not merely large gray areas. It's time to make the atheists eat their vomitous words, without catsup or any other condiments to make it back down whence it came easier.
It's not JUST the NRA ... GOA, SFA, CCRKBA are three other national organizations. Then there are the countless state-level organizations ...
But ... but ... but, this runs counter to what the Obama regime wants: unopposed overthrow! This is the VERY reason our rights exist: to give us a fighting chance to repel the enemy, even if the enemy is our own government.
Individuals employing the “more guns more crime” logic are NOT using shoddy research as the basis for their claim, they're using empirical logic. They automatically assume that another gun represents another death or violent act to be committed with a gun. What they fail to take into account is that, just because a law-abiding citizen chooses to carry a concealed weapon, that does not automatically turn him into a bad guy. If that were true, then you could pick up all town drunks, clean them up and put a suit on them and they'd suddenly stop being town drunks. An armed society is a polite society ... and more guns = less crime.
If it weren't a gun-free zone, the illicit shooter would likely have gotten off no more than two shots before he was on the receiving end of a third ...
Perhaps we should ask this question: are GMO foods safe? I don't believe we can reasonably expect to get an honest answer to this question at this stage of the game. However, consider the genes that are being inserted into the genomes: they weren't intended to be there, so do we automatically KNOW they're safe? We don't. Do I want to take the chance that they aren't? No. Tell you what: you eat nothing but GMO food for 20 years, and if you are still safe, then I'll consider it. But I should still have the choice.
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