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Although I agree with your first paragraph as part and parcel of our national success, I disagree loudly with your second: the foundations of this country rest squarely on the backs of the Founding Fathers and their belief in God, that God being ... well, God. This is a choice land, one preserved by the hand of God because it was, as you said, "geographically isolated" and one which became a refuge for those seeking religious freedom. Since then, it has become home to a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles, which principles were wholly necessary for the establishment AND the future success of the U.S. Moreover, the Constitution was written for a moral people, which we were at one point and which freedoms are continually being eroded by those who do NOT have our best interests at heart. And God being God, he wants us to worship him ... the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of religion, preserving for the states and the individual the freedom to pursue their own religious worship. And it is by worshiping the God of the land that we have attained what we have ... and by which we may retain what we have. And yet, it is our choice: he will NOT coerce us to worship him, but our freedom depends on it.
God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and gave them two commandments: 1. Thou shalt not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 2. Multiply and replenish the earth. They could not keep both, so they broke the first to be able to follow the second. If that had been Adam and Steve, they could not have kept the second, and mankind would have died with them.
Consider that FDR was itching and eager to get involved in the war; in fact, he was SO eager that he essentially goaded the Japanese into attacking. By ignoring pre-Pearl Harbor warnings, he cost the U.S. manpower and hardware. Still, the relative treatment of POWs by other countries as compared to the treatment by U.S. captors, is, without question, horrific. And that the Japanese continue to ignore history or rewrite their own history books ... our own Communist-leaning (re: Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, RINO) politicians are trying to do the same thing: ignoring truth and facts and peddling a made-up version of the the actual thing.
Nor can they prevent states from participating ... the federal government is supposed to be our representative, not our overlord: they do OUR bidding, not that of their party's or their agenda's. And since this involves multiple parties--adjacent states, in this case, through which the pipeline will run--that makes the federal government little more than an overseer or a moderator.
It should NOT open the door to a convention; we already have a perfectly functional Constitution and it does not need a convention to fix the situation we're in. What we REALLY need are voters who truly give a darn, voters who will study the issues and the candidates, educated and informed voters who will actively hold their congresspeople accountable for the performance of their duties, using the Constitution as their measuring stick. If we had people in the federal government who actually adhered to the limits in the Constitution, we wouldn't be in this situation. Problem solved.
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How to Travel Like a CIA Spy

Unknown3rdParty Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 4:27 PM
You condemn Snowden for revealing the truth, that the U.S. government is intentionally, knowingly abusing their position of authority over its own citizens? For abusing the American citizen? For spying on them, for taking steps to tyrannize them? Shame on you. Should he have kept it a secret? To whom should he have released the information? Who should he have trusted? Congress? Most of Congress is in cahoots--no, they're in bed with--those parts of the government that have no business existing.
Guns. All things being equal, they decry equality.
Notice that it's the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and not the NRA; SAF and its sister organization, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), are actively fighting for our Second Amendment rights and winning, one lawsuit at a time.
It isn't that they made their bed and should, therefore, lay in it; it's that stinking, putrid mess they left in their bed, made OR unmade ... THAT is what they must be made to lie in.
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Here Comes the Obama Veto Pen

Unknown3rdParty Wrote: Dec 29, 2014 7:07 PM
Although Obama IS full of himself--and full of other "stuff"--Obama knows full well the harm he's doing, and he intends to keep us on the same downward circling-the-drain spiral he's got us in as long as he can. This is not the act of a well-meaning person, this is the act of someone who intends on destroying the country and the Constitution, all to turn us over to the UN and their world government goals.
What exactly does the establishment want we conservatives to compromise on? Our values. Our morals. Our stand on all things constitutional.
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