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Individuals employing the “more guns more crime” logic are NOT using shoddy research as the basis for their claim, they're using empirical logic. They automatically assume that another gun represents another death or violent act to be committed with a gun. What they fail to take into account is that, just because a law-abiding citizen chooses to carry a concealed weapon, that does not automatically turn him into a bad guy. If that were true, then you could pick up all town drunks, clean them up and put a suit on them and they'd suddenly stop being town drunks. An armed society is a polite society ... and more guns = less crime.
If it weren't a gun-free zone, the illicit shooter would likely have gotten off no more than two shots before he was on the receiving end of a third ...
Perhaps we should ask this question: are GMO foods safe? I don't believe we can reasonably expect to get an honest answer to this question at this stage of the game. However, consider the genes that are being inserted into the genomes: they weren't intended to be there, so do we automatically KNOW they're safe? We don't. Do I want to take the chance that they aren't? No. Tell you what: you eat nothing but GMO food for 20 years, and if you are still safe, then I'll consider it. But I should still have the choice.
Remember to highlight the portion outlining the duties and limitations on the Executive Branch ...
Dude, this is FAR from over; this is merely one of many examples of how We the People--you, included--are under attack by our own government. And if you're not afraid, you're obviously not paying attention ... or you're spending all your free time drinking the Kool-Aid.
Democrats say Obama has acted legally and has simply used the authority he has as chief executive. These are the same ones that had to pass the law in order to see what's in it. No wonder they're driving this country over the cliff ... the only way they can see what's down at the bottom is to go there.
She's partly right ... 'Crazies' and 'A--holes' will 'Take Down' America, and that's true. The difference is that some of us are fighting to retain, or even retake, our country, and it's those who are driving us over the cliff that we're trying to stop.
There should be a natural revulsion to take a life ... until one realizes that, in the fight between right and wrong, good and evil, good must prevail, and those in the right have the prerogative, the responsibility, even the right to protect themselves, even if and when that means shedding blood, because the blood they shed is not innocent.
And NOBODY is better off under Obama's presidency ... nobody, that is, except the minority illegal aliens and minorities who seek to diminish the rights of the majority.
Obama has the tools to end the border crisis but not the cojones or the desire ...
Snopes leans liberal; because of other questionable findings from Snopes, I don't use Snopes any longer.
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