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POPPYCOCK!!! She's earned the right to be tried alongside her former boss for imposing Socialism on We the People!
It will double in those states that are not doing everything they can to subvert the country.
Opposition isn't just from the NRA, opposition is also coming from the GOA, CCRKBA, SAF and gun rights organizations from all 50 states ...
Actually, Obama IS selling our country out, but the country isn't prospering, only the government ... that is exactly like any other third-world dictatorship. Our manufacturing processes have been sold out, causing us now to necessarily buy American-developed goods and technology from China, which then gives them our money as well. They then use our money to build up their country AND to buy up our property, our lands, our industries. We employ Chinese nationals in our facilities, we educate them in our universities, then they go back to their homeland and take our technology. American industries compete against the Chinese government, while our government does what it can to strangle American innovation, further handicapping us from competing on the world stage. So, it's worse than you describe ...
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Obama is Poisonous

Unknown3rdParty Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 3:27 PM
Don't limit your comments to "His distain for the Article I branch" being exceeded only by "his dislike of the Article III branch". The truth of the matter is that he disdains every last word of the Constitution, which is all the more reason for him to be held accountable for treason. He swore an oath, he doesn't fail miserably, he wholly disregards the document he swore to protect, instead choosing to take actions that, in his estimation, should destroy it and any validity it might have.
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A Pilot on Hijacking of MH370

Unknown3rdParty Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 11:27 AM
I have ZERO empathy for them. They have their platinum pensions, health care and act like they're above the law. But then they get irate because they discover that they're being spied on, yet they patronize their constituents and claim that's the price of freedom, and if we're not doing anything wrong, we have nothing to fear?
Liberals and Socialists feast on the people's fears, trying to exploit emotion and the "something's gotta be done" attitude they try to foment under the people, when, in fact, what needs to be done is for people to be responsible for themselves and to accept accountability for their own actions AND to be held accountable as well..
So ... who is really the wacko bird here? It isn't Cruz or Paul ...
Guns, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, vicious dogs, cars, butcher knives, baseball and cricket bats ... with twisted logic like his, everything becomes a health issue. However, of all of those, only one has constitutional protection: we never know when we might need our guns to protect ourselves from tyrannical leaders who would want to take them from us. Murthy would be part of that tyranny ... we MUST stop his nomination and send another message--again--to Obama: do NOT mess with the Second Amendment.
He's not uncomfortable with America's "superpower" responsibilities, he disagrees with it altogether. As we are not Communist, his government of choice, he's doing what he can to give the Communist superpower a leg up, thereby weakening us and rendering us unable to respond if needed.
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