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No, that was more than just crow; that was crow mixed with a heaping helping of Gruber's own steaming s*** ...
And Issa's follow-up comment, that what Gruber said--owing to the lack of somebody suggesting that what he said was inappropriate--was therefore popular in that community is an outright condemnation of those to whom Gruber was pandering: the Democrats.
After watching this, I want to watch Obama grilled by Gowdy. Gowdy doesn't have a teleprompter, Obama can't survive without one. Obama would come out looking like Gruber's so-called idiots.
That'd take a pair of cojones ... I mean, they have none to begin with, they've have to grow a pair first. But, given Boehner's just-announced bait-and-switch, I'd say it's time to neuter him permanently.
Hey! I like goose! Cooked skunk ... not so much.
He already is in politics: the sheriff is elected by the people, and he is where he belongs. We need him where he can do the best job defending us. He speaks well, and he also happens to wear a badge.
What part of the body is the "Ferguson area"? According to Wilson, Brown was taunting him ... wondering if "Ferguson area" has sexual connotations ...
The action by Obama "reforming" immigration was patently illegal, as was the collusion with the media to prevent a complete broadcast of it. Since Obama has taken steps to sealed his past from scrutiny, one can only assume that there's something in his past he wishes to hide, lending credence to the theory that he is also illegal. Furthermore, his actions as president are largely illegal. In other words, illegal begets illegal.
Senate should block Obama, period. Everything ... nominations, funding, executive orders, etc., but not his impeachment And here's the beautiful part: if he is impeached, he and his family will also be denied post-presidency Secret Service protection.
Boehner has neither courage nor cojones.
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