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One cannot teach what they do not know: schools cannot demonstrate "how to rationally argue their position" because they do not know how to argue rationally using facts, point/counterpoint and logic, only using emotion, FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and shouting down. And the facts for the whole of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is already written into The Federalist Papers.
Not true!!! Obama lies ... period!
And the GOA. And SAF. And CCRKBA. And CalGuns. And ...
Women ARE voting on gun violence; they're voting with $$$ ... they're buying guns, attending concealed carry classes and learning how to defend themselves using guns, and NOT by defecating, urinating or vomiting on themselves or their attacker.
Why would ANYBODY in their right mind want let alone request a visit from Obama??
There's a "flag as offensive" option, but not a "Like" ... her words represent what "freedom of the press" was supposed to be about: the ability to print the truth without fear of intimidation from the government. The wicked fear the truth ... why? Because it cuts them to the core and, in the case of government, undermines their attempts to bluff, bully and intimidate using falsehoods, deceit and lies.
Legitimate government support??? Last I recall, there was nothing in the Constitution about funding business entities, people, banks, etc. All monies raised by the government were to done by import tariffs.
Like putting Socialists and Communists in charge of the Government??
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