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Obama has the tools to end the border crisis but not the cojones or the desire ...
Snopes leans liberal; because of other questionable findings from Snopes, I don't use Snopes any longer.
Since when is euthanasia of the unborn "high-quality care"???
Don't have sex with pro-abortion supports ... no sex, no pregnancy, no abortion. It's really that simple ... abstinence works!
Touché. Furthermore, when we die, we take NOTHING with us.
We the People could end the border crisis, too ...
The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence is just another liberal front for gun control, kind of like the Southern Poverty Law Center is a liberal front for eradication of poverty. Neither one spins the truth, because they don't recognize the truth. Rather, they tell outright lies. Remember the "statistics" from Everytown for Gun Safety that CNN outed as being not merely wrong but fabricated?
Why? Because, as We the People continue to legitimately and constitutionally arm ourselves, the government still insists on disarming the people, so they are arming themselves with military weaponry.
Outstanding! Keep it up! And THAT is the time to exercise open carry!
Underqualified?! For crying out loud, they're unqualified! NO government on earth has ANY right to take children from parents who are not involved in outright crime. The same government that can take your children for any reason THEY deem criminal can, with the same twisted logic, take the rights to your guns, your homes and property, your freedom of religion, your freedom of speech ...
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