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Women, you rock!!
There's a simpler solution: the time has come for We the People to vote for morally and ethically-sound, Constitution-abiding legislators and leaders. Then and only then will our elected officials be in a position to reclaim our rights, to actively prosecute, indict and jail those who have been actively calling for and acting to destroy our government, our country, our freedoms and liberties, our security. The Government belongs to We the People, and we control it ... but if we do nothing, they control us. It's our choice.
What law did Silverman "technically" break? You mean the one that is in violation of a greater law? In other words, he followed the law, not the agenda. A law that contradicts the Constitution is unconstitutional.
"Work with me" Obama says. What he does NOT and will NOT say is how he really plans to scr** Americans out of their freedom, liberty, rights, property, money, happiness ... everything.
Especially since most of the 911 operators will tell you to put the gun away. That's when you put the phone away.
According to liberal logic, there should be a lot of bloodshed as a result of all these guns in one place. By that same logic, considering that more people die in automobile wrecks, a car lot--new OR used--should be the most dangerous place in the world and therefore someplace to avoid.
As soon as I saw MSNBC in the first few words of the first paragraph, I discredited the article. Why? We've seen time and time again how the leftist media works overtime to skew the truth. In all likelihood, the polls are conducted in heavily Democrat-leading states to get the preferred results. But then, most of us are so disgusted by Obama that as soon as we get a robocall for a poll, we hang up. Why? The polls are worded such that the available answers don't provide an adequate opinion.
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What Freedom of Speech?

Unknown3rdParty Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 4:02 PM
Touché. The State has never granted an innate right but rather they control them. That's why our Founding Fathers put the people in control of government and not vice versa.
Ignorance can be corrected, but only if the intended recipient really wants it to be corrected. Otherwise, it's as you called it: stupidity.
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