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"Please explain to the other 53%"!!!
Hey, when did Sullivan take up comedy??
Many of your Hollywood supporters such as George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and Oprah earn much more than most CEO's and most CEOs work 12-16 hour days. If a movie flops, no one loses a job, if a company - like Enron or Arthur Anderson - fails, countless thousands lose their jobs. From 2011 to 2012, LeBron James, Roger Federe and Kobe Bryant each earned about $53 million. Phil Mickelson earned about $48 million and David Beckham earned $46 million. If their careers end, no one loses a job. Why do you only criticize CEOs? Aren't they also "working Americans"? Oh, the list goes on and on and on . . .
Please explain to the 57% of wage-earners who pay federal income taxes why the "fair share" of the other 47% is zero? You aggressively endorse public sector "investment" in education, infrastructure and research as paying great dividends and as good a good thing, yet your campaign constantly demonizes private sector investment in business, such as what Gov. Romney did and which employs tens of millions of Americans as less noble? Isn't risking private money better than risking taxpayer money?
Mr. President, you told Mr. Putin that after your re-election, you would have more flexibility. On what issues will you be more flexible, and what will that flexibility allow you to do or say then that you won't do or say before the election? Mr. President, how many nuclear weapons does the U.S. have? Why is your Administration trying to reduce the number to 300? No, sir, the number of nuclear weapons is not a secret. Sec. Clinton announced we have 5,113 in 2010. As C in C, why don't you know how many of the most deadly weapons we have? And why is a radical reduction to 300 the right number? Who is more responsible for the the condition of the economy as it is today, you or George W. Bush? When will take full responsibility?
Boy, you can say that again. And again. And again. And . . .
Ah, you scamp . . . !
Ah, but Obama has Biden, foreign policy genius extraordinaire, advising him. We're about to partition Irag!! lol!
they are almost certainly lost for life. Those who go on to grad school and, worst of all, law school, are as indoctrinated as the kids who are the product of Muslim madrassas. The ostracization of those who challenge the left-wing orthodoxy is chilling. The mass of those who have been exposed to 16 or more yrs at American colleges are in ideological lockstep. The mere thought of dissent - something that once characterized the left - is anathema. To effect change, conservatives must exhort their young to enter academia, journalism and the law. Those major influencers of culture and politics are dominated by the left. Encourage your kids - or, if you're young and concerned - YOU need to teach the kids. Otherwise, the die are cast.
I think there is a fair dose of what you describe, but I think we have a major systemic problem. Our public schools industry is dominated by Democrats who indoctrinate, rather than educate, America's students. I encourage you not to refer to our "education system". It has become a mere industry, focused more on the livelihood of the teachers and bureaucrats who run it rather than on the students. The Left quite consciously encouraged its adherents to infiltrate the schools to influence thinking at a young age. It absolutely starts in elementary school, and by the time they graduate high-school, most kids have been thoroughly indoctrinated. Give them another 4 yrs of college - where they are enraptured by their "professors," and (cont'd)
That would be correct if there had been such people. But, of course, there were not.
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