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Chicago’s Corruption Runs Deep

Undoctrinator Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 2:50 PM
Correct. "Chicago politics" has long meant "corrupt". Still does. It's the Matthews' and other extremists who must constantly beat the straw-man of racism. They are sure that white people must be racists against the "lot of black people" whom the Leftists see as incapable of helping themselves in this, the most advanced and generous country the world has ever known. Why are they so sure white people like themselves are racist? It's called "projection".

“Chicago.” Say it again: “Chicago.”

You can’t say it enough. That’s because liberals fear that the very name of the city of Al Capone, Mayor Daley, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama has become shorthand for dirty politics and redistributionist economics.

We know this because “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s thrill-a-minute leg man, has taken to the airwaves to warn his fellow progressives against the GOP’s use of the city’s name for precisely that purpose. Well, what other city has such a rich history of corruption? Where else have city officials called in Louis Farrakhan and the Nation...