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What I Saw at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Undo4me Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 2:44 PM
DACA does not apply to Children with family in the country. We simply need to enforce the laws. But with Holder in charge of that, it won't happen. So, what Congress needs to do is get rid of Eric Holder, and make the justice department accountable to the body that writes the laws. Then enforce the laws on the books. One thing the Congress could do would be to pass a law to seize the assets belonging to foreign governments and family members living here illegally to provide 100% funding the cost of housing, transporting, health care, education or repatriation. Add an incentive that funds will be released only when the foreign government accepts their repatriation, less costs incurred. Give the foreign countries incentive to end the exodus. As for those young men, In counties all over all over the world, the socialists have a term for unaccompanied young men over the age of 14 and it isn't children. They call them revolutionary soldiers, warriors and recruits. What does Obama need them for so badly that he wants to flood America with them?
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Suicide By Stupidity

Undo4me Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 2:23 PM
Remove his administrators, not him, take the fangs our of his criminal attack dogs and render him a professional golfer and humorist. Put some low level people government bureaucrats in jail for breaking government laws, which should be easy enough. Make people take the laws serious and harder to manipulate by the Dems. But impeach Obama? And end up with President Joe Biden for ten years? No thank you.
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Republicans -- Future Versus Past

Undo4me Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 2:13 PM
Republicans need to win in big blue cities which means focusing on what could change the course of decline in these Democrat strong holds. - Factory, transportation and natural resource jobs. In other words putting the Godzilla of environmental tyranny back in the cage. -Educational options focused on home school, community school alternatives to public education, charter schools and private schools. Anything non-union. - Public advocacy and community development teams to combat Democrat tyranny in big blue cities. Two out of three would have broad national appeal. The idea is to offer plan for Republican voters to address the imbalance caused by Democrat domination of politics. Industry is a great threat, it was Industry that took the African Americans out of the segregated southern communities and introduced them to opportunity in the north. Democrats hate opportunity they can't control and turn into personal profit. They hate freedom that comes from industrial success. But we also need a plan to break the Democrat stranglehold on the cities. Democrats have long stopped helping the poor and are focused exclusively on elite needs. Controlling the poor and farming them for services and profit. If you are not already part of the system, you are oppressed by the system. We have a great opportunity to go into communities and provide the resources needed to challenge city hall. Build new Republicans by actually doing something, not just talking about it at a time when Democrats in big cities are really vulnerable. There programs have failed.
Why you are wrong. The mandate is thetax. Let the program stand, and when the young people don't sign up, the government will begin collecting the tax, and the penalty. They are just waiting until all the old, the sick, and the people who follow the laws for the laws sake start clamoring for fairness. Once the visuals are in place the IRS will start wage garnishments and asset seizure against those evil healthy young people.
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Just Following Their Leader

Undo4me Wrote: May 19, 2013 6:36 PM
This approach, punishing our enemies and rewarding our friends sounds more like something George Wallace in his days as segregation supporting Governor would have understood rather than anything Marx would have approved. Seems to me this is Dixiecrat politics gone national, with Christians and Conservatives filling the role that blacks filled for them during Jim Crow. An easily identifiable group that votes Republican. Unfortunately most people don't realize that blacks were targeted because, for sixty years after the civil war, they were dedicated Republicans. The democrats just stopped hating blacks only when when blacks stopped voting Republican. It never was about race, it was about Republican voter suppression. Nothing has really changed with these Democrats since Wallace stood on the steps and refused to let black children enter college, nothing except these new Jim Crow democrats need to look harder then just skin color to segregate those who would vote Republican from the friends that they want to reward. Convenient for Obama that he has the IRS, and Eric Holder to play the part of fire hose and attack dogs on the conservative groups peaceful march to freedom. Makes punishing your enemies easier. Isn't there something terribly wrong about a president who sees political opponents, fellow Americans, as enemies, but wants to support anyone against Assad in Syria, even if that means Al-Qaeda gains control over Assads airforce, chemical weapons and other resources?
I am not certain I understand. Are you suggesting that once again believers should simply accept what is inevitable and leave this in God's hands? Is there something in faith that says you can't get involved and try and change things? There is more to Sainthood then Mother Theresa. We don't have Leprosi, per se, but where are the church leaders that are willing to risk contamination, condemnation or worse in order to do a little good. How do we reconcile wanting our institutions to benefit from government programs, and the damage some of those programs do to the faithful. Is not the biggest challenge to ObamaCare for example the fact that the churches whose mission is to heal the poor want the money but not the strings?
How can Romney loose Delaware or Pennsylvania. Obama policies are decimating the Delaware valley region that includes Northern Delaware, Southern New Jersey and South Eastern Pennsylvania. The last hit comes from one of the biggest and most generous employers in the region. Delaware based Dupont Chemical announced that it was terminating health care for the over 65 retirees The vast majority of these live right here in the Delaware valley and the company is headquartered right near Biden's own home town area Delaware, "Keep your heath plan" and "reduce costs" were just lies. Just like saving the auto industry, which was a critical part of this region until Obama "fixed things". Killing tens of thousands of jobs here.
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The Arab Spring

Undo4me Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 11:04 AM
Speak for yourself. Journalists and liberals may have deluded themselves into these foolish ideas but anyone paying attention to history (reality version, not liberal propaganda) knows that since the rise of Mohammed Jerusalem has only been controlled by anyone other than an Islamist empire for 88 years before 1947. Only a fool, a journalist or a delusional liberal would think that we are witnessing anything other than a recovery of the Muslim caliphate and a restoration of the Caliphate's international Imperialist expansion. Next year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Muslim instigated World War, how can you forget? They don't.
Romney needs to visit the Chrysler and GM plants in Delaware. He saved the "auto industry" by sacrificing the jobs, industry and financial security of the state of Delaware. Joe Biden's home state. And his Bain like investment in Fiscar proved his competence at investment. New Castle county, home to Joe Biden, lost thousands upon thousands of jobs in manufacturing, not just on the assembly line but in the hundreds of small business that were vendors and sub-contractors, providing manufacturing, transportation, services and supplies as well as the thousands who worked in retail to support these families and these businesses. Romney needs to hold Obama responsible for both the job losses & bad investment that destroyed that area's economy
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The Immorality of Obamanomics

Undo4me Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 10:33 AM
The founders understood the dangers of imperialism and crafted a constitution that specifically denied the power of the federal government to directly tax citizens. It was this, more than anything else that allowed our country to evolve free from much of the worst abuses in the "great game of thrones" that infects every imperialist nation. 100 years ago our nation ratified the 16th amendment. This amendment created the imperial Washington government that has until Obama tread lightly on our liberties, or at least disguised their loss. No individual can hold Washington politicians accountable, which is why they gave direct taxation to the states. No action short of repeal of the 16th Amendment will change the course we are on.
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