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Everyone seems to think Obama is interested in his legacy with the left. Looks to me like Obama is more interested in fundamentally changing America. And what could be more fundamental than leading a violent revolution. Obama is behaving more like someone that wants riots and social break down to happen so that he can capitalize on a artificially created but very real crisis. The kind of crisis that leads to suspension of elections and disbanding of the legislatures. It has happened before when an outsider claims government control over a democracy then instigates violence to justify increased concentration of that power in one man. We seen it happen many times in the last 100 years. In south America, Africa and of course, in Europe leading that lead to the second world war. Opening the door to South American youth, particularly those associated with revolutionary violence and drug violence by granting a free pass to them, but only as long as Obama remains in power is a sure recipe for creating Obamanista army of guerrilla warriors who along with Ferguson inspired riots fueled by Holder's racist agitation just might lead to the crisis Obama needs to "save the country".
While there was a time when I would have agreed with you. And do think "The Rat" is counter productive, the problem is that is not an excuse for us to dismantle our industrial base. Assuming Russia and China are serious about a joint military arrangement, and Russia is serious about regaining control over the old soviet block nations it is hard to imagine how being entirely dependent on China for manufactured goods benefits anyone. Without industry you don't need engineers. So I separate the idea between government and service unions and industrial unions. Steel workers, coal miners, chemical and petroleum industry workers along with the myriad of small and medium manufacturing and fabrication specialty workers contribute to the strength, prosperity and security of the country. I support them in their effort to bring jobs back to the country. That does not mean I think they have a good track record looking at how jobs left, but those days are over. Labor and industry needs to work together to bring prosperity back to the country. Unions,. industrial unions that is, belong as one component of the solution,
Industry is what made the middle class. It was our factories, fabrications shops, and the support industries to agregate, distribute, manufacture, deliver, mine and process materials, components, subassemblies, machine tools, material handling equipment and parts along with the service industries that kept all this working that created the prosperous middle class. Obama talks about jobs. Industry creates value, it is value not jobs that make for high wages, for opportunities for workers to organize and earn higher wages and good benefits. Workers didn't steal money from other Americans to support their high wages, but that is how government jobs that rely on taxes work. Workers in industry took raw materials purchased at a fair proce. turned them into processed materials that increased their value, and in turn sold them to workers who turned them into components worth even more. Each step in the process increased the value. Where as government jobs simply redistrubute existing wealth without creating any value. And unfortunately service jobs are not much better. There is only so much value added by stacking goods on a shelf. Politicians that want to support the working class will remove the barriers to industry by dismantling the environmental activists tools of subjugation: the EPA, the federal department of energy, and the bureau of land management. Dismantling the federal government departments that have been taken over by radical activists will allow prosperity to return to the working class. Nothing the federal government does for the "good of people" benefits the working class. It is the radical activists laying claim to control for their own benefit that put up the big bucks that is what government "help" is designed to achieve. Helping themselves to big donations.
I didn't volunteer to go to Africa. I am sorry for the nurse Hickox inconvenience, but quite bluntly medical professionals haven't been acting trustworthy. Between Dr. Nancy Snyderman who ignored a voluntary quarantine to eat in a restaurant, and the the failure of Dr. Craig Snyder to recognize early symptoms, and more importantly failed to show good sense and limit his socializing for a few weeks there is no reason to trust Hickox or any other Medical Professional returning from treating dying Ebola victims. The protests by Hickox do not help. I am sorry she is being inconvenienced. I am sorry that someone didn't tell her before she left that upon return she might be asked to spend a few weeks separated from society to be certain that she doesn't bring back the disease. But if she is honestly volunteered for altruistic rather than egotistical reasons she should be willing to make this tiny, tiny sacrifice for the good of the country. And perhaps that is the problem. Her rants are egotistical, and maybe she volunteered for personal reputation, rather than out of compassion. Nothing wrong with that, of course. The competitive nature of the medical profession, particularly especially for people with advanced degrees can feed a feeling of superiority, and entitlement. And HIckox protests sound like the rant of a frustrated egotist. And the danger for the rest of us, is it isn't her that pays the price if her ego leads her to make bad decision. Hopefully she will do the right thing, for the good of the country. What happens with Hickox will decide whether the hysteria is quelled, by this trustworthy act of government. Most of us believe that the Justice Department will come down on the side of the ego driven nurse, rather than the safety of the American citizens. That is what is driving the hysteria. We can't trust government.
The important term her is Aristocracy. Racial, social, industrial, financial, political, or hereditary, it is this "anti-populist" constituency that brought the Democrat party into existence. Serving and partnering with the Aristocrat elites to impose order conducive to the benefit of the ruling elite is what the Democrats do. Democrats represent the people that were stripped of their power by the Madison - Jefferson's populist movement that defined our government. Today's Democrats are no different than George Wallace's Democrats. Democrat rule has always been about convincing the commoner through image or force that they are best suited to controlling government.
Obama Republican's more accurately describe what we used to refer to as RINO's. Unfortunately the Obama Republicans are in charge of the party, the congress and stand to claim control over the Senate.
Maybe there are only 11 million foreign nationals living illegally in the country now. If that is true as the government has been claiming then that is 20 million extra permits is for new immigrants that aren't here yet. Wonder if Obama intends to bring them in from Mexico? Or, Is he planning to raid the universities of the world for high tech workers? Maybe he plans to relieve the suffering of 20 million of disadvantaged people in Africa? Or some combination of all of the above? Who knows. Obama clearly believes it is his country and we are unwelcome guests.
Even that 11 million number is many times the number of jobs created by the economy under the Obama policies. Which explains why wages are low, and more importantly why citizens do not see an improvement. What new jobs are being created are being taken by foreign nationals. Of course, what new jobs are being created are mostly part time and minimum wages, but still, that leaves out all the high school graduates who would work with the hands for money if they could.
According to a liberal advocate Michael Tomasky writing in the daily beast, he calculates that the economy has created created between 3.7 and 4.5 million jobs during the term of the Obama administration. (He leaves out the 800000 jobs lost January of 2009 which is why I use the range.) Lets take this at face value because we are going to use the numbers to analyze the president's decision to provide 34 million work authorizations and put that in perspective. Let me say that I agree with Tomasky when he states that it is the "economy not the President" that creates the jobs. But in this case it is the president exclusively that deserves the criticism for the work authorization. 1. 34 million work permits is 7.5 to 10 times the amount of jobs created in the 6.5 years leading up to the July 4 post by Tomasky. What would it take to absorb all these workers, 42 to 60 years at the current rate of growth. 2. If 34 million people were told to leave the country or make compensatory payment for their continuing presence wages would go up. Nothing could deliver a 10 or 15 dollar an hour prevailing mininum wage faster then moving that many people out. (No I am not looking at the consequences of mass displacement) 3. Where did the inflation from 11-12 to 34 million come from? Are these people who are employed here illegally. That is more than the number of jobs created. It has been reported that 100% of the jobs created by the economy during the Obama administration have gone to foreign workers that makes sense now. 4. 21 million unexpected work permits is that for people here that the administration has been pretending were not, or is the Obama administration planning on letting in another 20 million or so after he legalizes those already here? That would make Obama real popular with the K street lobbyists, and of course McConnell and Boehner's gang of Obama Republicans would bask in that same light. Anyway you look at it the Obama administration policies will never absorb that many people without causing terrible disruption drive American's into an extended period economic stagnation. Unless you are one of Obama's favored 1%'ers, those Wall Street and Hollywood types that love him more than life itself, willing pay $30,000 or more to have dinner with him. What exactly does Gwyenth Paltrow and Rich Richman stand to gain from this move?
"the so-called leadership of the Republicans" You mean the Obama Republicans don't you?
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