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She clearly doesn't. She couldn't appear less interested in the death of Brian Terry.
How does that make Holder (and now by extension the President) less guilty? Please explain.
Is it? Does it matter? Does it affect F&F? Holder's lack of response before congress? Executive Privlidge in this case implying that the President knew of and approved an operation that cost American lives and the ensuing cover up? How does "Bush did X" in these situations make what the current administration is doing less wrong? If you feel President Bush should be tried for crimes, persue it, but saying the previous administration did something I feel was wrong so that makes the current administration's wrong doing okay is a false argument and lazy. If you can defend what the DOJ and the Executive branch are doing using logic and reason, please do.
In what manner does any of this prevent minorities from voting. It's a popular meme that Republicans do this, but is there anything that makes your statement even remotely true?
Three spellings of sarcastic? You've negated my work! (Also sarcasm, explanation for the sarcastic impaired.)
You are 100% correct. It's not important that it costs money, time cops could be using to otherwise do their jobs, or, most important of all, it could potentially cause harm to the innocent victims. Just as long as we all agree on the term and how to properly spell it. Very well spotted.
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