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Israel: Obama's Wedge Issue

UmcleSam101 Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 9:39 AM
The typical American voter has no interest in or knowledge about Jerusalem as a capital of Israel. This is true no matter how significant the ramifications of the administration's actions are in regard to Jerusalem. Only Jews would be actively following the administration's actions on the subject. I cannot begin to guess how American Jews think...
Scranton is a little gritty in some areas, but then again so are NYC, LA, West Palm Beach or even Newport, RI. You need to step up to Palm Beach or Palm Springs to find not gritty. Unfortunately the non gritty areas are rather limited in access to normal people. As a place for normal people, Scranton probably is about average. I have no bias. I am not from Scranton.
I would as soon be in Scranton as Washington, D.C. or Baltimore...but that isn't saying much. The article overstates, and the commentors excessivly dump upon, Scranton. Interestingly enough, the TV show "The Office" gets the flavor of Scranton just right.
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