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When you have people like McCain, Dems have nothing to worry! If this no nothing guy has some decency, he should run as a Democrat in the next election. But, the ill-informed republican voters keep electing this guy, how can we save this country? It is time for Conservatives, Tea Partyers & Libertarians to come together to start a new party - The Conservative Party! In the near future, Dems might gain more power but look at the positive things we can achieve if the 3rd party puts up candidates in select areas designed to throw out Traitors such as McCain, Mitch, Graham, Cornyn, Boehner, Cantor, Lying Ryan etc. etc.... 1. Throw out all the Traitors & increase the % of conservatives in the house & senate. 2. It will help the conservatives in the senate & house (they can concentrate on the enemies rather than worried about being stabbed in the back b these traitors!) 3. It will send a message to all the other Republican Liberals /Traitors to shape up otherwise, their fate will be sealed in the next election. The primary system is rigged in both parties & ill-informed base - tough to throw out these guys! "Traitors are worse than enemies"
There is No significant difference between Obama & McCain! In fact, if McCain had been elected, US would be in 4 to 5 wars! The country will be worse off! It is time for Republicans to look at their own candidates objectively rather than fall for Dems did this & Dems did that! Last time, I checked, GW Bush was second worst (in some cases the worst) president this country had - in terms of Fiscal Discipline - GOP apologists in the media (including conservative talk show hosts) & GOP in Senate & House - went along! McCain would have been worse than Bush & worse than Obama - we have No business to be in all these wars - he will take us & do Not want to see our young boys lose their lives for ingrates around the world! Yes, McCain does Not have what it takes to be the POTUS of this country in any area! Mary - you would vote for McCain to slash your own throat - just because somebody fought for the country does Not mean they are qualified? This man has Zero economic background & does Not think through issues (as clearly evidenced by his rants!) & has No idea of what immigration ramifications will be! If AZ people want to vote for him, the least he can do is switch parties (just like Phil Gramm did in TX) & stand in election. THen he can earn the respect of people - now he is a traitor in the GOP!
Pay attention to the news! Every situation in the world, he wants aggressive US policy --- just like Ukraine! McCain has ZERO concept of economics - who is going to pay for all these wars all over the world? Tell me, how he is qualified as a Republican Senator - in fact a Republican from a Red State? If he has the guts, he should resign & run as a Democrat from AZ - then I will have respect for him! He agrees with most Dem policies anyway. In fact, most of the Republican Liberals should do that & we can save the country & GOP.
Even though, am a conservative, Thank God, we did Not elect this maniac who obviously is proving everyday that he doe NOT have the temperament to be the POTUS! Everyday, he wants to send out troops to another corner of the globe - one year ago, it was Iran, 6 months ago Syria, this week Ukraine.....this guy clearly needs to be under supervision in a facility Not represent a state! Arizona people should be ashamed of themselves - Not only he is the biggest Republican Liberal (on top it from a Red State) but also he has the temperament of a 2 year old child! How can he keep getting elected again & again --- the citizens have to stop supporting because he was a POW? In return he has done enough damage to the country & GOP.
So far nobody has volunteered to fight against this "Con" man - if he wins the primary, I am making a plea to my fellow Texans - not to vote for this guy! The only way to save this country is to get rid of all the "Republican Liberals" (RINO does not capture these republican leadership) - Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Biggest fraud Lying Ryan (fools even Levin!) etc. now! This is the last chance for Conservatives, Libertarians & Tea Partyers to save this country & take back Republican party! First get rid of these frauds, may be, like Crist in FL, they will move to Democratic party! The primaries are rigged to favor incumbents - only way to get rid of them is to make them lose elections!
Being from TX , I will make sure that everybody knows about this fraud - Cornyn! One thing he did that is inexcusable - he stabbed Cruz in the back! Not only he is a Republican but also from TX! If they rig the primary & win it....will not vote for him in the general elections! Democrat is better than this guy because Traitors are More Dangerous Than Enemies! Cornyn is Traitor!!
No Surprise here! Does anyone remember the Michelle O 's appearance in Paula Deens' show --- Paula let the cat out the bag saying Michelle ate all the greasy fried foods - including fried chicken etc...& Michelle handlers denied & called her names?
Thank you for at least being honest with the world! Now, can you please call out your friends in GOP - Mitch, McCain, Cornyn & Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, King to your new side, we will really be thankful & may be the country can be saved!
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The First Hustler Runs the Big Con

umass1990 Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 11:44 PM
Thank you Pat! I disagree with people who are saying that GOP did not call him out because of race....that is false reason to protect GOP! I have coined the new term for GOP, since RINO would not do, "republican liberals" - the republicans in the house had more than 40 chances to cut funding for Obamacare - Boehner, Cantor, Ryan are the biggest frauds in this country - let us not just blame Obama - We gave Boehner the speakership to Do One Thing - Defund Obamacare! GOP is 50% responsible for where this country is & headed! From Rush, Hannity, to everyone in the media have been shilling for these republican liberals & Fraud Ryan comes to every program & fools each time saying next battle is the big one & we have to pass Obamacare this time!! Just like Crist in FL< hope most of these GOP leaders aka Republican liberals move to Democrat party - otherwise the GOP should be the Whigs of this century!
As long as ill informed Conservatives & Tea Partyers keep voting for RINOs - there is No Hope for this country. Unfortunately, the republicans in media such as Rush, Hannity keep shielding RINOs & concentrating only on Obama making tougher for republican voters to understand that it is the RINOs such as Boehner, Cantor, Lying Ryan, McConnell, etc. are the reason for Obamacare is still viable & going to become the law! These republican media frauds would have excoriated Dems if they promised one thing & did another.....they hold their comments & protect these RINOs. It is TIME for a THIRD Party .....THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY. Till that time, Do Not vote for Republicans...first we have to save this country from RINOs. Then & only then we can start the war against Liberals!
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