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Report: House Members Seeking to Oust Speaker Boehner

UltraMan Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 2:43 AM
Kick BOehNER to the curb. Time to get some with a pair.
dlynn4 Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 7:54 AM
If the House doesn't cut spending significantly one way or another, there is no reason for Republicans to be in control. They gave in again and again the last 2 years and we are worse off for it.

Does anyone think Obama would have been re-elected if the House had stopped him from running trillion dollar deficits? Obama bought the election, $77,000 each for his 65 million votes, with Republicans focused on tax rates and effectively enabling trillion dollar deficits.

As members prepare for the 113th Congress, several have been dissatisfied with Speaker Boehner's conduct: he's been accused of booting more conservative members off of major committees, and the abject failure that is "Plan B" seems to have been the final straw for some. Breitbart News reports that there's a plan circulating some offices intended to facilitate the election of a new Speaker of the House come January.

Several conservative House Republican members are contemplating a plan to unseat Speaker John Boehner from his position on January 3, Breitbart News has exclusively learned. Staffers have compiled...