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DNC Wednesday: Clinton's Endless Obama Endorsement

UltraMan Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 1:43 AM
OH. MY. GOD! ResistWeMuch first posted this: You have to be freaking kidding me!
UltraMan Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 1:44 AM
Isn't that grounds for getting kick out of the House?

If not, it should be.
ResistWeMuch Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 2:21 AM
Now with graphics and a theme song:

A Stunner From the Party of Slavery, Secession, Segregation and "Guam Might Tip Over and Capsize"...

M2RB: Theme Song from "Survivor: Detroit"

Steve of CA Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 3:13 AM
The white southerners who that party once represented have mostly left and joined the Republican party. An interesting comparison would be the ethnic composition of the respective party delegates from the south
ResistWeMuch Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 3:34 AM

Urban Myth #534,249,569: The GOP Is The Party Of Racist, Old, White Men
ResistWeMuch Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 3:35 AM
Other than Strom Thurmond, please tell me which of the following died as Republicans:

Al Gore, Sr.
Orval Faubus
William J Fullbright
Bull Connor
Robert J Byrd
Fritz Hollings
J. Lister Hill
John Sparkman
John Little McClellan
George A. Smathers
Spessard Holland
Herman Talmadge
Richard Brevard Russell, Jr.
Allen J. Ellender
Russel B Long
James Eastland
John Stennis
B. Everett Jordan
Sam Ervin
Olin D. Johnston
Herbert S. Walters
Absalom Willis Robertson
Harry F. Byrd, Jr.
ResistWeMuch Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 3:36 AM
Oh, and take a look at the percentages of Republican and Democrat votes in Congress on every civil rights legislation:

Progressivism, Propaganda & Pretending

M2RB: Eric Clapton
Imiss40 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 7:57 AM
Brilliant, Mo.

Good list, and an excellent point!!!

CHARLOTTE, NC - Round two of the 2012 DNC is finally complete, following an interminable stemwinder from former President Bill Clinton.  A few thoughts on the evening: Prior to the 10pm ET hour, the convention lineup was wholly unremarkable.  Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer both spoke for the second time this week.  Why?  These speeches lasted nearly six-and-a-half hours in total.  Were retreads necessary?  In any case, we heard from more abortion proponents, several union bosses, and a long list of unremarkable politicians.  It was tedious in the extreme, especially the mindless Bain demagoguery.  On to my "prime" prime-time...