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Sorry. Wrote that too fast. Meant to say: republican candidate has to do . . .
First of all, why are there so few comments on this site? I used to see hundreds, and sometimes thousands. As to hillary - it seems all the republican has to do is keep hitting her with her own statement, "What does it matter?" Really? Would anybody want a President with that attitude?
When my daughter was born 10 weeks premature, one of the many things she needed was a blood transfusion. My immediate response was where do I go? Their response? That's okay. We discourage parents from donating. Why? Sometimes the blood is found unsuitable by one or the other parent, because of 'complications' due to infidelity. And that creates marital problems on top of having a premature baby. Knowing this wasn't a problem for me, I went to the blood bank anyway. When I came back and informed the medical personal, I was taken aside by a nurse and she said in the years she had been in the neonatal ICU, I was the first to ignore the docs and nurses. Maybe, this baby is the first, because she had parents who didn't take the doctors advice as God's authority. And, am I unique? I couldn't have been the only one not afraid of what the blood tests would show. Not with the dozens or scores of babies born over the years in that nurse's experience.
Or to send as many of them to Hell solo. :)
The military is heavily leaning to the right. If Sommer's superiors are saying he's being disrespectful to oDumbFuk, then that's an excuse, pure and simple. That's all that needs to be said. You can be sure there's someone up the chain of command who is a homo.
In that case, I hope England is the first to suffer. Should we lose our superpower status, we will have to pull back our military bases, including the one in England. When that happens, I can see the muslim brotherhood ramping up terrorist attacks to create fear and instability within the UK. Then, dummies like sullivan will complain about the attacks, and he will be a kidnap victim of the MB, and a video will be released showing his slow death by torture. So, sully, good luck with your dreams of a diminished US. Moron.
You either did not read or comprehend what I said. I did say they came from other cultures. But, before the 60s revolution, immigrants were expected and did adopt the American culture.
No. Because part of learning is to listen to other students as well.
This is NOT a country made up of a multitude of ethnicities, cultures, religions, et cetera. It was made up of a multitude of people coming from various cultures, but ADOPTING the American culture.. And, most of the people who came to this country, came from Europe, where, even if the cultures were a little different, they weren't as alien as those that come from Asia.
So, obombastic was a violent, druggie, gangsta wannabe?
"Obama: 'Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me 35 Years Ago'" ------------------------------- If only.
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