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Correction: Scalia-Montana story

UltraMan Wrote: Aug 19, 2013 10:33 PM
When, in that Michigan college case, she said it was not only acceptable but needed for State sponsored racial discrimination to equalize things, that's when she should have been impeached.
I swear the 'pubs have been acting like a Ken doll for decades. Smooth between the legs.
"GOP on Immigration: No "Special" Path To Citizenship" Then grow a pair and make sure it doesn't happen.
Perry is a fool if he doesn't sic the State AG office on that judge.
Very well written. However, blacks really are NOW the victims of whites - liberals.
They have to stop this. They just have to. I mean, if the teachers turned out to be responsible . . . Even worse, what happens when a teacher stops a school shooting? Then all the school districts will be wanting to arm teachers and the left will have one less item to whine about.
I've read that. And, I'd love to see the clintons face a murder charge. However, think about it. Suicide victim sitting on a hill. Feet set so as not to slide. Butt, a foot to three from feet. Shoots self in head, fall back. As the relaxation of death sets in, feet may stay anchored, and body slides to meet feet. Or, falls to side and still slides a bit down hill. I'm sure there are other scenarios, but I don't find it disturbing that it looks like there's blood 'running up hill'. As a matter of fact, I would find it disturbing if he stayed exactly where he was on a steep enough incline and there was no body movement.
Zell Miller is long gone. Do you think we'll see his like again? In the demonRat party?
This is the same jag-off who was considering running with kerry, wasn't it?
All she needs to do is go past the Kármán Line and she can get all the space she needs.
Sorry. Wrote that too fast. Meant to say: republican candidate has to do . . .
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