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Like Charter Schools, Britain's Academies Aim High

uldissprogis Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 8:46 AM
With over 50% of graduates not being able to find a job it is not just substandard education which is at fault but the wrong kind of liberal arts education is being taught which is not valuable in a technologically literate 21st century nation and world. A radical switch to audio visual individualized computer education for everyone is the ultimate solution where everyone will be able to advance at their own pace based on achievement and ability and not be promoted based on age. My book EDUCATION REFORM shows in detail the steps which should be taken to make a new and relevant educational system possible. Available on Kindle and Nook Book.
LONDON -- 1776 is a number with great resonance for Americans, but not one you expect to be featured on a British government website.

But there it is, on the home page of the United Kingdom's Department of Education: "As of 1 April 2012, there are 1776 academies open in England."

Academies, as you might expect, mean something different in Britain than in the United States. They are, approximately, what we would call charter schools. And there are 1,776 of them largely because of the energy and determination of British Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Britain, like America, has gotten pretty dismal...