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It's Education...Stupid

uldissprogis Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 5:39 PM
I agree, there are plenty of smart jobs to fill and very few that require only muscle power. Outdated education priorities are the main reason why over 50% of graduates can't find work. The welfare system is also broken and the safety net needs to be made more efficient so it can also accomodate all the unemployed and also destitute graduates. No quick fixes will work but an emphasis on technologically based subjects and not Liberal arts with individualized audio visual computer education that is rewarding and also somewht fun to do should be developed and applied in our schools. My books available on Kindle and Book Nook called EDUCATION REFORM and CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS offer real life short and long term real applicable solutions.

Not only can countries not tax themselves to prosperity, but they also can't tax themselves to a better education. You can steal money in the name of the so-called middle class and distribute it to unions and social welfare programs, but it won't make matters any better.

On the contrary, redistribution would make matters worse because once higher taxes rob bank accounts it proceeds to rob incentive. The chain of events would eventually mean fewer rich people to slaughter but more people in line to share the spoils. This pirate economics is reckless, demoralizing, and dishonest.

Beyond outright theft, the dishonest...