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Disconnected Markets Confound Investors

uldissprogis Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 9:34 AM
It is obvious that hedge funds, institutional investors, and billionares are influencing almost all the moves of stocks in the stock market. Small investors no longer have any logical reasons to invest because stock movement no longer is tied to fundamentals. The big money investors have canabalized the small investor and are now feeding on each other so even hedge funds are in trouble money wise. In an age of monopolies and big business stocks are no longer a good long term investment because there is no more room to grow and no more reasons for the stocks to increase in value. The stock market is dead as a rational investment tool for the long run.
The current environment for investors is perhaps one of the most confusing that many have ever encountered.  Unpredictable markets now appear to take no cue whatsoever from underlying economic data, and maxims long cherished by traditional money managers are being abandoned in favor of seemingly illogical choices.  We are in a world in which apparently intelligent investors are willing to pay a premium for 10 year Treasury bonds that are almost certain to lose real value if held to maturity. While such an environment is enough to encourage many to cash out completely, we believe that investors should remain focused on...
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