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Liberal Progress Or Progress To Liberalism?

ukattan Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 12:41 PM
Wmou is right about the progressives like Hitler, Stalin and Mao who murdered the same number of people that Islam murdered in less than a century. Wilson and FDR were also racists and anti Semitic and believed in eugenics (as the accursed Nazis did) and a master race. I for one don't like the big government tyranny that we are progressing into.

It is all the fashion today for left-leaning politicians, journalists, academics and vapid celebrities to describe themselves and their leftwing proclivities as “Progressive”. In fact, anything associated with modern liberalism is now characterized as “Progressive”. For example, most of the mainstream media figures comment about President Obama’s “progressive agenda”, and they call the Democrats the nation’s “Progressive” Party. The term “Liberal” seems to be vanishing from our public discourse. Can this be mere happenstance, or a minor linguistic adjustment? In actuality the terminological change has been intentional as the leftists seek, once again, to obfuscate reality and to impose their version...