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Brown Shirts at ECU

ukattan Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 11:20 AM
These homosexula brown shirts are fast turning into black shirts. The original Nazi SA were all homosexuals as were many Nazis.
Obama like Chavez is arrogant and thinks that he can do to the same to the US as Chavez did to Venezuela. G-d is taking the arrogant Chavez down and will also take down Obama.
This is what the RAMBAM (Maimonides) called the mercy of fools. The liberals pretend to be merciful while being cruel to their victims who make up their voter base. The progressives have turned this into a policy while putting people out of work and destroying the middle class. As a Jew, I defend your right and freedom of religion to celebrate Christmas and I don't find it offensive as the progressives do. They don't want any thought that anyone is above them and their tyrannical governments. No wonder they don't find Islamic laws offensive because they share their anti freedom tyrannical views.
Typical DemocRAT supporting anti Semite. The DemocRATs have always shafted the Jewish people so it doesn't surprise me especially when they put a Muslim Arab in the White House.
Not surprising from the Jew hating DemocRATs. They have shafted Jews for over a century with the Jew hating Woodrow Wilson and later FDR who closed America's doors to Jews escaping Hitler's death machine and would not bomb the rail lines nor the death factories. More recently Carter and Clinton were hostile to Israel as the Muslim Obama is. I saw the hatred for G-d and Jerusalem as Israel's capital at the DemocRAT convention which had an influx of Muslims at the same time in Charlotte.
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GOP Turns Sure Victory into Defeat

ukattan Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 12:29 PM
The election was rigged in Ohio as I saw strange faces voting with provisional ballots in my precinct. My wife's ballot was rejected as she tried to insert it into the machine and after I checked it for mistakes, I tried to feed it and it said that too many Supreme Court candidates are selected which was not true. I asked the poll worker to check the machine and he pushed a button and it took the ballot but the screen didn't say ballot accepted. I smell a DemocRAT.
Wmou is right about the progressives like Hitler, Stalin and Mao who murdered the same number of people that Islam murdered in less than a century. Wilson and FDR were also racists and anti Semitic and believed in eugenics (as the accursed Nazis did) and a master race. I for one don't like the big government tyranny that we are progressing into.
Public employees have no right to unionize in the first place. It is against federal law but they are getting away with it for decades. We need someone like Ronald Reagan who fired the PATCO strikers and replaced them with people who wanted to work. Forced union membership in many states is legalized extortion, they take money out of your paycheck whether we want to be members or not. We need to have a national right to work law n place.
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Ann Romney, Energized

ukattan Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 8:34 AM
I prefer to see Ann Romney as the first lady to replace the sour faced Bitchelle Obama who always has that look on her face as if she ate extreme sour candies. Bitchelle is no lady and neither was Hitlery Clinton who thought she was president when it was her pervert husband.
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Consistent Hypocrisy of Progressives

ukattan Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 11:34 AM
As a Jew, I see no problem with Christians celebrating Christmas nor greeting each other in celebration. This is a Christian country which allows other faiths to practice their faiths, try that in an Islamic or communist country and see how long you would live. The progressives don't want anyone to believe that there IS a Creator who gives us unalienable rights, they want to decide what right we would have (or not have). They do not want accountability to a higher being than themselves. It's worse than hypocrisy, it's anti G-d arrogance.
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