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Ignorance is alive & well at this school district! Isn't anyone capable of critical thinking & comprehending circumstances on a case by case basis, rather than surrendering decisions to "zero tolerance" policies.
Oh, that's right, I forgot, students are always correct in their thinking! Duh! For centuries to this day, the overwhelming majority of the world's religions consider homosexuality to be immoral & unnatural, but let's do an about face because these two morons are offended! You have every right to be offended about anything you choose to be offended about, but that doesn't require any further action on anyone else's part!
You're wrong, you've always been wrong, & you will undoubtedly continue to be wrong until your dieing day. It's each parents responsibility to support their children, but there are a whole host, dozens, hundreds of mitigating circumstances that change that situation. Equal shared parenting focuses rightly on the most important part of the support equation, emotional support. ESP also effectively, rightly & justly reduces the financial support part of the equation to virtually nothing or a nominal amount & no amount of malfeasance on the part of either party should prevent the child(ren) from receiving that.
Are you a mother AND a moron?! It's entirely possible that the biological father had no knowledge of anything other than having been with this woman on one occasion. It's entirely possible that since she chose this guy for some twisted reason, she also never let him know, SO HE'S NO ACCESSORY AT ALL!!! He KNOWS no such thing. She is the criminal & no matter how much you attempt to project blame off of yourself & onto this or any other male, she was at fault for committing this crime, as it seems were you as well.
You just don't get it do you! The woman, who could never be called a "mother" in this particular case, intentionally & actively perpetrated a fraud, which is a criminal act, by naming someone in writing in a sworn statement, who wasn't the father of the child(ren). In our legal system, the perpetrator of the crime pays the restitution! I know you just don't have a clue & may never see it, but she (and probably you as well) was very, very wrong!
The woman is responsible for committing the crime of paternity fraud, knowingly & intentionally & she should be held responsible for having committed that crime. What part of that escapes your lack of ability to apply logic & reason? It is the woman who is victimizing the fraud victim!
...and a woman who makes the autonomous decision to leave the father of her children &/or deny him equal, shared parenting, because she couldn't keep her pants on, her skirt/dress down, her legs crossed &/or refrain from bending over, should resign herself to being 100% financially responsible for the results of her own bad behavior & poor judgment for the next 18 years!
...AND VICE VERSA. The women in this God-forsaken travesty of an abusive system are engaged in bad behavior, irresponsibility & refusal to accept accountability for their actions. As was posted earlier, how many men are you attempting to fleece for child support that you mistakenly believe it is only men who need to be "100% responsible"? Your 4 are destined to be as damaged as damaged can be with the mental health challenges you aren't receiving adequate treatment for!
NO, for whatever reason, the mother of the child(ren) made the conscious, intentional decision to pursue a man that she knew was not the father. SHE & SHE ALONE should have to pay every last penny that she defrauded from the man she chose to victimize &/or go to jail for victimizing the man & the child. This Marxist, fascist system has got to be dismantled at all cost. They knowingly destroy families, the lives of men & children & all for the sake of supporting whatever lifestyle the "mother" chooses to engage in.
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