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Miss. Wright is criticizing the president for not acting soon enough, but when he does act, he's still wrong. Foreign policy analysis from a Theater major/blogger/fledgling PR hack? God bless her.
Another poorly written and structured piece by Crystal Wright. It's clear no one proof reads this stuff, so quality is apparently not important. So sad.
Unfortunately, Ms. Wright has not mastered how to intellectually process and express nuance. One thing is clear, Ms. Wright is trying to settle some type of score with the GOP. Ms. Wright would be happier if she cut all ties with the GOP and found another cause to bring her the importance she clearly craves.
I have never been a fan of the author, Crystal Wright. But this piece is so poorly written it makes absolutely no sense. Did she or anyone at Townhall proof read this drivel?
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E.W. Jackson All Wrong for Virginia GOP

UJesse Wrote: May 30, 2013 9:28 PM
Don't try to push Ms. Wright to the Liberals, they don't want her either.
The black community alone is not a large enough voting block to move elections. Miss. Wright still has not gotten over the fact that Obama was elected president a SECOND time. Obama won, Romney lost. Romney lost women, younger voters, college educated voters, Catholics and minorities. Should blacks have voted for Romney/Ryan? Why? Romney never campaigned for the black vote. Never. The GOP is now acknowledging that they have no outreach and they are at odds on how to structure an outreach program. Yes, this is anoter provactive article from Miss Wright. Another article long on divisive emotion and absent of facts. Interesting that the GOP has not tapped Miss. Wright, a PR professional, to help in their efforts. Credibility matters.
The author, Ms. Wright, makes an interesting argument. I'm just not sure she does much to support that Gov Romney is the man to beat Obama. Essentially, what she is saying is that Romney and his campaign aides cannot be trusted to stick to the "talking points." She is also saying that Romney, speaking honestly about why RomneyCare was right for MA (but not right for the US) is a losing argument. People like Ms. Wright want Romney to recreate himself into someone he's not. That's part of the problem. Ms. Wright thinks that the only way that Romney can beat Obama is to be dishonest about his past, stick to vauge talking points and throw in a little racial division. If a patriot like Ms. Wright has no enthusiasm for Romney, will anyone else?
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