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Indoctrinate U: Professor Forces Students to Pledge They Vote For Obama and Democrats

uhohshortsonthehighway Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:59 PM
Someone else put it succinctly, that if this "professor" had required the students to vote for Romney, this would be stories read just after updates on the protests in the middle east. Then Romney himself would be questioned endlessly about it everytime a reporter got near him.

A professor in Florida is under fire today after forcing her students to sign a pledge to vote for Barack Obama and Democrats. Oliver Darcy over at Campus Reform has more:

A college professor has been placed on leave after she allegedly forced her class to sign a pledge to vote for President Obama in the upcoming elections.

Early last week Professor Sharon Sweet at Brevard Community College (BCC) allegedly told students to sign a pledge that reads: “I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.”