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-if all records told the same tale -- then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past,' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.' - Orwell, 1984 This president would have been right at home in Oceania.
We also know you can't change Washington from the guest seats on the Letterman or Leno shows...
This pathetic excuse of a presidential administration is pushing us rapidly down a slippery slope towards a much desired endstate, a totalitarian regime. Not until they can tell us what to think, say, eat drink and watch as entertainment will Democrats be completely satisfied. Worse, their sycophantic behavior towars the Muslim world is endangering us all. If the Muslim extremists get what they want, which is no less than a globally established caliphate, the "moderate" Muslims will follow them, no questions asked. In a short period of time, we (the infidels) will be the minority on this planet.
Well, back then the USA dealt with captured Barbary Coast pirates in the fashion of the time-quick trial, and execution. No BS'in around then. As late as the Philipine Insurrection, American Forces captured Muslim insurgents and executed them after military tribunals. The harsh punishments coupled with insuring (in their minds) their souls did not go to paradise, kept terrorism out of America and most of the world for over 50 years. We need to return to those standards.
Yep, B. Hussein Obama doesn't like Americans in mobs. Unless, of course they are unionized. Then what you have there is a big ol' group of concerned voters!
So why stop there? Why not ban gender specific sporting events? Or just make all the teams a mix of sexes? Don't stop there, change the yearbooks and photoshop every photo of every student so that they all have the same Chairman Mao-era Chinese haircut, same color? But wait, there's more- change the textbooks, too, so that everyone in history books is referred to as "person" not he or she. Guess that means you edit out the Suffragette Movement, et al.
You don't know rudeness until you live in Europe. People over here are genuinely amazed at how we Americans can be cheerful, greet total strangers politely and wish them well. In Italy, we are known as the "always smiling Americans." Here in Germany, even people who work specifically in customer service jobs seem to find it difficult to maintain their civility.
I used to watch O'Hair on the public access channel in Austin, TX when I was really bored (afternoons after school). She was always so inflammatory and quick to anger. She was like the atheist version of an Islamist-everything angered her or was contradictaory to her beliefs.
I am as embarrassed by my country's president as I was in 1979. I am also sick of the mainstream media and their constant attempts to spin every mistake by the Obama administration as some kind of calculated move. He and his gang of yahoos meander their way through foreign policy like a blind man blissfully navigating a mine field, being unaware how dangerous the route is.
Wishful thinking. I would more likely believe the school was teaching modern nude dance than actual tolerance for other cultures and religions.
The problem with Obama's mid east policy is he doesn't understand the Muslim world, despite having a muslim father and living for years in muslim countries. He wants to apply his version of American liberalism to the policy, which will never work. For a hundred years, American politicians (with a few exceptions here and there) have understood that the only thing muslims respect in other countries is strength of resolve. They hate Israel, but respect their resolve. They hated Reagan, but respected his resove. They hated Bush, but respected his resolve. They pretended to love Obama so he would have a better chance at election, but they despise his spineless, peace-loving rhetoric he espouses, they do not respect him because he is weak.
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