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Does anyone remember Pvt Jessica Lynch's story? Supposed hero of a firefight who was captured and beaten by the Iraqis? Her gender and alleged valor was one reason a unit risked additional lives to rescue her. Turns out though her service was admirable, she was far from the hero the media told us about. She was actually captured cowering in her vehicle, having been defended by her male sergeant who died. This is what it sometimes comes down to-a male Soldier dies protecting a female, not dies defending a post or completing a mission.
Women deserve the chance to serve honorably, but putting them in combat units, especially elite units like the Rangers is really tricky. Oftentimes these elite forces operate in small cohesive units in isolated areas. Resources are limited-privacy being non-existent in many cases. And Ms. Chavez is right-the pregnancies were also a big problem in Desert Storm-very short conflict but many, many pregnancies from all services happended in a short time.
I don't care what other countries do with their women in the armed services, it's not really relevant to the argument. People will bring up Israel, which allows women to serve in combat units to a certain degree. Bad example. Israel is a small country with a small population that is surrounded by Islamic loons who want to eradicate them. The government can't afford to waste time and resources debating who should be allowed to shoot someone who is threatenting the country. In America, we have a large volunteer force and seldom do we have problems filling the job positions in the military. To open up combat jobs to the very select few women who would even consider applying is doing nothing to enhance military readiness.
The very minute one gay person can have sexual relations with a member of the same sex and biologically produce a child, then I will recognize that homosexualtiy is normal. Until then, it is just a lifestyle and a chosen one at that.
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Time to Grow Up, GOP

uhohshortsonthehighway Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 7:35 AM
It's no surprise that liberals dominate the industries that Jonah points out: "newspapers, the broadcast networks and most especially academia and Hollywood" -- here you have a moldy, outdated source that prints retractions week afterward and buries them in the back pages; a rapidly dying source that employs bitter, loudmouth, crude, argumentative, hard-headed hacks; an institution with a captive audience that is at times forced to agree with opinions forced upon them or be stuck with grades that follow them for life; and an industry that deals complely with fantasy and fiction.
Yet another example of how the left is grasping at straws. They cannot come up with a defense for the valid criticisms of PRESIDENT Obama and his administration, so they resort to this ridiculous whining. One would lose track of how many times someone in the media referred to former President Bush as just "Bush."
Clearly you have never listened to ranting liberals or read liberal websites. There is no way that Townhall comes even close to the vile, hatred and intolerance of liberals.
I disagree with your assessment of Mitchell. She has not yet risen to the rank of first class idiot. I would consider her idiot apprentice, with aspirations of first class idiocy.
And I like to refer to pro-choice people like Mitchell with the more value-neutral term "anti-life."
Her pre-government work credentials not-withstanding, Rice is just as qualified to be SecState as Bill was qualified to be President-by that I mean she is smart, calculating and crafty. And the mainstream media will not hesitate to tell us so, while in the same breath telling us Condoleeza Rice, who has even better qualifications, is not qualified for some silly reasons that are acually concealing the fact they hate her for for being a black conservative woman.
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