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Whoa! You're right. I must confess, I had not imagined this administration could sink to such levels of truly depraved cynicism. But dern it if that doesn't make a sick twisted kind of sense.
Truly pathetic. And we are going to serve arrest warrants in the deserts of Syria? And get a criminal indictment? I don't even have to know Arabic to relay the ISIS response: "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!" The civilian U.S. Attorney general has NO role in this situation at all, None. This is a war crime by an enemy, a gang of terrorists, at war with the United States. This is not some garden variety bank robbery, interstate kidnapping or, more appropriately for Holder & Co, some minority getting his feelings hurt. This is war. Projecting American impotence by such petulant silliness as a criminal investigation serves only to put MORE Americans in danger around the world. Foley was kidnapped two years ago, but when the NEXT American is kidnapped and butchered by these animals, his or her blood will be on Obama's AND Holder's hands.
Ronald Reagan always seemed to enjoy telling this joke: An engineer, an economist and a surgeon are arguing over whose profession dates back the farthest. The surgeon says "Hey, look at the Bible. God took a rib out of Adam to create Eve, then closed up his skin. That was surgery. Obviously surgery is the oldest profession." The engineer says "But wait. Prior to creating Adam and Eve, God created the heavens and the Earth, set the sun in the sky and the waters in the ocean. That was engineering. Before that, everything was chaos." And the economist says "Aha! And who do you suppose created the chaos?"
Obviously you miss the entire point of this debate, and Deace's column. The issue is not whether people "love and support" those whose behaviors their faith tells them are abhorrent and evil. This issue is whether people can be FORCED TO SUPPORT AND ASSIST IN behaviors their faith tells them are abhorrent and evil. It's not about "loving" "supporting" or "tolerating" wrongdoing. It's about becoming an accomplice at the point of a government gun.
Stop! You're offending the low expectations bigots! It is the triumph of the anti-American leftist set that they've made ALL blacks identify with the tiny minority of idle black welfare mooches. And they've made ALL blacks identify with the tiny minority of black criminals. Most blacks obey the law, and actually are more likely than whites to be crime victims. Most blacks work hard and pay taxes , and yes quite a few work at Wal Mart. Too bad those hard working, law abiding, tax paying blacks have had their loyalties and their entire public identity hijacked by the dregs. Perhaps some of them might have a problem with that....
Much more important is the value of whatever the laborer AND the employer provide... to the CONSUMER. The best take on the phenomenon comes from Karl Marx, of all people, simply because his analysis is so flawlessly 180 degrees wrong that it brings forth the truth. He said the value of something is determined by the labor that went into it. Centuries of commerce have proven the correlation, but in the opposite direction. The value of the LABOR is determined by the price of the finished product, or service, as set by the market. That price is set by consumers in millions of buying (or not buying) decisions they make constantly. Unless the government proposes to make consumers buy or not buy things by force, that cannot be changed. ...Of course..., there are plenty of bureaucrats who'd probably like to give that a try...
Reminder about a quick bit of history: Never forget Hillary Clinton came up with her "vast right wing conspiracy" line in response to allegations that her husband, the President of the United States, had had a sexual dalliance with intern Monica Lewinsky and committed the felony of perjury to cover it up. ...and that Hillary cooked up her "right wing conspiracy" response BEFORE we learned that it was all TRUE. It was amazing, the first time the Clinton "deny deny deny, lie lie lie" machine, and its media accomplices, were suddenly brought up short by incontrovertible facts (the blue dress. Yuk!) The machine is back in action but maybe some heroes from Hillary's own department, and perhaps one heroine from the establishment media too, will tip the balance again.
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uhmuhrican Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 10:12 PM
Mike's gyrations of irony seem to have confused you. It's not that tough. Chick-fil-a presdent Dan Cathy exercises his right to free speech and freedom of religion. He also exercises his right to support groups that oppose infringements upon all our rights to freedom of speech and religion such as using the government to force everyone to affirm, approve, support and subsidize homosexual relationships even if such support violates their religious principles. If anyone wishes to exercise his own rights by speaking out against Chick-fil-a, or by boycotting the restaurant, that's fine. However, DEMANDING the government or a government entity like UNCW attack someone for his speech or for his religion violates those rights. Simple.
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