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Marco Rubio’s Must-Read Autobiography

uce Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 7:58 AM
Oops ... my quoting technique didn't work ... allow me to try that again: I suspect, Ted, the hysteria on the part of the "Rubio's a TRAITOR" gang is they are Obamabots who fear his V.P. candidacy. [Note especially the same structure of their comment: Rubio apostrophe s followed by traitor in all caps - using the same phrase structure is the hallmark of an organized campaign.] Agree or disagree with his views on immigration those who call him a traitor reveal more about themselves than they reveal about Mr. Rubio

Editor's Note: This column was authored by Townhall Editorial Intern, Kyle Bonnell.

Marco Rubio has established himself as one of the country’s most articulate and engaging conservative leaders. Whether delivering a rousing speech at CPAC, debating John Kerry on the Senate floor, or going toe-to-toe with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, Rubio has always spoken the conservative message in compelling fashion. As it turns out, the Senator is every bit as compelling as an author. Marco Rubio: An American Son is a must-read look at the experiences that shaped one of America’s most promising young leaders.

Few will be surprised...