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Flagged for nic-jacking!
OK, all, NASCAR is on...gonna grab a case of Keystone and enjoy the rest of the day!
Brings a tear to my eye... My dad was on Iwo Jima and came THIS CLOSE to being in that classic pic... America #1!!!
usmc Let's take this troll DOWN...what do ya say buddy?
Federal pre-shool legislation? Yes We Can!
When my district announced mandatory Spanish-language courses for non-Spanish speakers...OH BOY! You shoulda SEEN the Baggers come out of the woodworks! "This is 'merica! English-only!"...LMAO! We told them they could take it up w/their elected reps...too bad they don't HAVE any elected reps! LOL! Your kids WILL learn a 2nd language and that language WILL be Spanish...oh the irony!
CA: RepubliCONS not welcome!
You're NOT getting the Black Vote--not now, not EVER...
W T F are you babbling about?
Black 'leaders'...LOL...yeah, sure...
Shouldn't those olives be on your samich?
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