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Swing State Round-Up

Uber Dave Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 7:26 PM
Sybil, did the men in the white coats at the funny farm take away your Chiapet garden and lock you up in your rubber room again? Did they put the brain matter that they took out in you last lobotomy on display in the foyer of Happy Acres for all to see? Did they take away your tin foil festooned helmet so you can’t contact the “mothership”? Did they give you a spoon with the concave end on the wrong side during soup day at the cafeteria again? Are these the reasons why you’re always mad at the world?

News and notes from  a few swing states and potential emerging battlegrounds:

Colorado: Romney 48, Obama 47.  (UPDATE - Same exact numbers, new from CNN.  Romney's +1 despite -- supposedly -- trailing with independents.  In their state polls, CNN has been one of the few pollsters that deviates significantly from the lockstep Romney dominance with indies).

Iowa: Mitt Romney is making his final stop on the stump in the Hawkeye State late this afternoon before effectively suspending his campaign through tomorrow, due to the hurricane.  The rally will feature Iowa wrestling icon Dan Gable....