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Obama Attack Ad: Romney Doesn't Want to Hire More Teachers!

Uber Dave Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 7:23 PM
nycXJ61 Wrote: 29 minutes ago (6:43 PM) "Foreign policy is not about one incident -- it's about the way the President views the world and how his views informs his decisions and policies..." And, apparently, Owebambi's views and policies of "make nicey-nice to the Islamofascistsand they will love us" blew up in his face in one incident where the Muslim Brotherhood attacked the US consolate in Benghazi while chanting "there's a billion Osama's, Owebama"... ...Lying about the reason for the attack sealed Owebambi's fate... ...One incident is enough to bring down a presidency, just ask Richard Nixon's ghost... ...Owebambi now has a dozen or so "incidents".

Can you guess which special interest group Team Obama is pandering to now? It’s really quite obvious:

The spot implies that the best way to improve the nation’s broken public education system is to hire more teachers. But the student-teacher ratio in the United States is much lower than a number of industrialized OECD countries, even though those nations boast markedly higher world education rankings. This suggests that simply...