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Democrats: Absent Tax Hikes, We're Totally Willing to Head Over the Fiscal Cliff

Uber Dave Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 11:32 PM
Liberalism 101 Lesson 129: As Liberalism 101 Lesson 97 states: “There is literally nothing we will not consider when striving to relieve the peasant masses of their overabundance, by demonizing CO2; we have even found a way to tax the very air that they breathe.” It just so happens that with the passage of our Glorious Dear Leader’s “Affordable Healthcare Act” (As our Glorious Dear Leader has noted when addressing our stalwart union kamrads, the “Affordable Healthcare Act” will be a “backdoor” to Liberal/Marxist/Progressives long coveted Universal State run Healthcare for all) we can now use the power of the Internal Revenue Service as an arm of the All Encompassing State to force the peasant rubes to purchase a product from a...
Uber Dave Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 11:33 PM
...purchase a product from a private (for the moment) entity.

So in effect we have now concocted a way to tax the simpleton masses for doing nothing.

Again, bear in mind that collecting revenue is not nor has it ever been to cover the cost of any federal spending or preferred Liberal/Marxist/Progressive investment initiatives but is, again, purely for the overriding and fundamental goal of fairness.

Profoundly irresponsible?  Of course.  Politically insane?  Not really.  I'll expound on the second point in a moment, but first, let's survey the brazen talk from Team Blue -- with massive, recession-inducing tax hikes hanging in the balance.  Our new friend Patty Murray is at the front of the line:

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) says that if Republicans do not agree to let tax cuts expire for Americans making over $250,000 per year, the country should go over the fiscal cliff, which would allow automatic cuts in spending and the expiration of all tax cuts to...