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Hey, why worry about waiting in line to see an overworked Pakistani doctor you can't understand? ...When you'll growing cobwebs waiting in line for Owebambi and crew to get their sh!t in one bucket.
The mating call of the ruby throated proglodyte: Bu-u-ush Bush Bush Koch Koch Koch Koch Bu-u-ush Bush Bush Koch Koch Koch Koch Bu-u-ush Bush Bush Koch Koch Koch Koch... To which the female variety twiller's in reply Free Condoms Condoms Condoms.
The US military has a name for the kind of disastrous catastophies caused by leftist simpletons... ..."Clusterf#*k".
Again, doing nothing is light years ahead of a hideous, epic fiasco of biblical proportions...
Haven't we been trying that since the early 1980's? No, we haven't... Liberalism 101 Lesson 115: SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS, for Liberal/Marxist/Progressives, overcoming this evil is the key to making Amerika whole and good again! Heaven forefend that under educated, hayseed, hick, rustic, yokel bumpkin’s be allowed any more than a stipend to get by with since their share of the shared sacrifice has been determined to be equal to whatever excess they have jingling in their pockets. We know they would only spend that excess on guns, cigarettes and over-sized soft drinks and it is our mission to tax and regulate the peasant rubes in order to keep them from harm. Statist/Socialist/Progressives must insure the creation of a COMMAND ECONOMY so that the purchasing power and purchasing choices of the simpleton masses can be limited to what we deem should be allowed.
If the little proglodyte thinks a subsidy designed to cover for a nitwit lefty caused hideous epic fiasco is "capitalism" it's as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar...
Awww... ...Look at the little proglodyte, ain't he so confused?
"To Pass Health Plan, Obama and Dems Kept Mum About its Downsides" That's only the half of it, for the upsides they lied like, well... ...Democrats.
Turnabout is fair play... ...The difference would be that we would be cleaning up a mess instead of creating one.
Looks to me like they misspelled dim...
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