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Biden: This Isn't Gun Control, It's Gun Safety

Uber Dave Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:22 AM
rgama Wrote: 4 minutes ago (10:14 AM) "How do you spell RECOVERY?" Sure... ...In this case: WRECKOVERY ...Summer of Wreckovery IV coming up!
alphonsejones Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:39 AM
yet the last election proved that the parasites prefer food stamps and welfare to taking respopnsibility for their own lives

23 million citizens were unemployed/underemployed and still the hussein won, proving attack politics worked when the hussein attacked Romney as uncaring and telling the imbeciles that hussein santa was the countries new sugar daddy

and now the hussein and his congressional followers are going to make America safer by disarming law abiding citizens and letting criminals run rampant
Simplecaveman Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 10:27 AM
Barry idea of reducing unemployment - contract the workforce and don't count those who have given up looking for work.

As Leah already reported, yesterday Vice President Joe Biden held a Google+ hangout so he could answer direct questions about new gun control measures being pushed by the administration. On top of saying shotguns are better to use if you want to hit someone, Biden also said the administration's new push isn't gun control but "gun safety." Biden also argued that because assault weapons aren't used often to kill people, they should be banned.

"It is true that the vast majority of gun deaths in America are not a consequence of the use of an assault...