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Barack & Michelle Obama on the "View"

Uber Dave Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 12:31 PM
Our Glorious and Wonderful Dear Leader, The One, The Omniscient, Exalted and Infallible, Baby Doc, President for Life, Generalissimo Francisco MMM-MMM-MMM Barack Hussein Owe-bambi, Down Grader in Chief, Debt Man Walking, Owe-bamageddon, The Oval Office Urkel, King Barack the Growth-Slayer, The Torturer, New Messiah, Healer of the Planet, President (If you love me) Pass This Bill, Jimmy Carter with a Tan, Telepromter reader of the God Verb Speeches, First Gay President, President You Didn’t Build That, President Eye Candy, President Bump In The Road, Occubagger in Chief, Fainter of Girls, Tingler of legs and First Marxist President of the United States of Amerika is the smartest, bestest president ever in the whole wide world.