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Paying at the Pump: Sarah Palin to Host Special on Gas Prices Friday

Uber Dave Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 10:49 AM
Silly conservative, the third world country that the Eco-Mentalist/Eco-Nazi/Green Gauleiter/Global Warming Gestapo want to convert us to is not for them, it's so they can drive past us in their Prius' and thumb their noses at us peasants and congratulate themselves that they "saved the planet"...

Gas prices have officially doubled under the Obama Administration and unemployed Americans are feeling even more stressed with no end in site for high energy costs. Friday, Sarah Palin will host a special with Fox News anchor Eric Bolling about gas prices.



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Palin should have some interesting insight on this topic considering her extensive experience with issue of energy. The special will air just days after a new