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Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: 15 minutes ago (8:32 AM) "Which of those does the Obama campaign and its supporters believe is the reason people should vote for him again?" Unfortunately none of the above... ...What the Owebambi campaign is saying is that Bush messed up the economy so bad that even Owebama can't fix it... ...But a vote for Romney is a vote to go back to the Bush years so go "forwards" and vote for Owebambi: Liberalism 101 Lesson 26: When all else fails, blame Bush. Or Cheney, if Haliburton is mentioned.
…Our bad.
Liberalism 101 Lesson 109: Have we Statist/Socialist/Progressives failed to mention our necessary open borders policy and the need to paint hillbilly, peasant, rustic, rural, rube obstructionists as racist, xenophobic, necrophobic and opposed to immigration whenever they bleat and wail about “illegal” immigrants? Were we remiss in crowing and celebrating a fellow traveler activist judge who allowed the signatures of Mickey Mouse and Santa Clause etc. on a petition opening the door for ever more undocumented voters? Have we overlooked any opportunity to stand four square against any form of verifying the validity of undocumented voters and the purging of voter registration rolls of deceased voters and then rub conservative’s noses in it?
And the PMSLSD crowd is blatantly stupid: Liberalism 101 Lesson 14: Racism can be blamed on anything and everything, especially anything and everything conservative because: America is racist.
GorillasInTheMist Wrote: 1 hour ago (8:52 PM) "Uber Dave said, 'the country can be saved by insuring that Owebambi's fired from his job...' ------------------------------------------------------------------------- He may not go quietly, Dave. Ever think of that?" Quite possibly but he'll go none the less...
How 'bout: He's not quite done, he's half baked...
CrackerButter Wrote: 37 minutes ago (9:19 PM) "The truth is: Pubs only want more POWER . so they can continue to socialize the loses and privatize the rich........" Is there anyone fluent in Gibberish who can translate this?
Owebambi and Romney are more analogous to David Dinkins and Rudy Giuliani... ...Dinkins, the first black mayor of New York City, sucked out loud and NYC residents elbowed each other out of the way to vote for Giuliani... ...And it was the dimwitcrats who caused the "financial crisis", not Bush: Liberalism 101 Lesson 26: When all else fails, blame Bush. Or Cheney, if Haliburton is mentioned.
the country can be saved by insuring that Owebambi's fired from his job...
Liberalism 101 Lesson 110: Statist/Socialist/Progressives live and die by poll, we are always waiting with baited breath to see what redneck, yokel, rube masses believe. That is unless they dare to think on their own and ignore our Main Stream News Media indoctrinators. When the hoi palloi buy into the “lies” and “propaganda” (see lesson 46 and obfuscation) of the obstructionist regressives we must counter them with all of our might. One of the best ways to do this is to immediately attack the poll and its results, no matter if we were spending days prior touting this poll or that, we must savage such polls as meaningless and ignorant.
lois01 Asked on the "Relaxing Deportation" thread: 12 minutes ago (6:51 PM) "How about some infrastructure repair?" Owebama was supposed to spend billions of stimulus cash on infrastructure repair... ...the money's spent but the infrastructure ain't fixed... ...Perhaps you could explain how that happened concisely and without blaming Bush or evil republican obstructionist... ...Naaaah!
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