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Uber Dave Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 12:08 PM
Liberalism 101 Lesson 94: As lesson 28 states, the American flag is a representation of the evil, hatred, and racism of America which we will use to our advantage until such time we can dispense with it. So too are other forms of “patriotism” such as our hideous national anthem and support for “our (undereducated peasant) troops”. Liberal/Progressive/Socialists hatred of these types of things is exposed from time to time because keeping heartfelt emotions in check is a difficult task but we must cultivate the façade in order to keep the redneck, hillbilly obstructionists at bay. Fortunately, as also stated in previous lessons, the peasant rubes have short memories and are easily confused.

The Obama campaign store is getting....creative? Artists on Team Obama thought it would be a good idea to replace the stars and stripes with streaks and an Obama O so they could sell it to fans in the campaign shop.


This by all means this is a step too far, however it is representative of how some Obama supporters actually feel. For example, remember the woman who thought she was going to get "Obama money?"