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Obama Literally Still Campaigning: Stephanie Cutter Sends Frantic Fiscal Cliff Email

Uber Dave Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 1:39 PM
ModerateConservative Wrote: 3 minutes ago (1:34 PM) "Time for your shift Gubmint Kochsucker." Fvck you and the MiG you flew in on...

Over the weekend, President Obama tapped Obama For America Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter to send out a campaign email begging supporters to "tell their story" about how a $2,000 tax increase would hurt them. "Help President Obama right now: Share your story," the email subject reads.


Friend --

I hope you had a lovely holiday and all is well. I'm writing with a quick update on the "fiscal cliff" and how you can get involved.

Right now, President Obama...