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Obama Launches Major Alinsky-Style Community Organizing Project From the White House

Uber Dave Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 7:53 PM
weedwam Wrote: 3 minutes ago (7:46 PM) "CD, could you PLEASE describe your vision of PROGRESS?" May I?: Liberalism 101 Lesson 107: When, as so often happens, the plans and schemes implemented by Liberal/Marxist /Progressives go awry, we must always be prepared to cover our tracks and shift the blame to the toothless, conservative obstructionists. Progressive policy is meant to press progress forward, and whatever the minor inconvenience of the effectuation of well-meaning policy that fizzles in the light of the real world must be obscured so that new policy can replace old so that Progressive policy can press progress forward.

It's easy to belittle Barack Obama for being a community organizer, but he's the one who got the last laugh on November 6, 2012. Community organizing is key to not only winning a campaign but changing a country, which is exactly what the Obama's plan to do moving forward. Today Michelle Obama helped launch President Obama's "Organizing for Action," a massive community organizing project geared towards pushing through Obama's second term agenda and changing how voters think about issues for the long term.

"Say you're in for the next phase of this grassroots movement."