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liberalstuportroll Wrote:59 minutes ago (3:05 PM) "Yes but it certainly is doing better than the Bush plan when everything is crashing..." Correction, that crash was brought to us by Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and other economically challenged lefties in an attempt to guarantee the American dream through legislative fiat.
liberalsupertroll Wrote:34 minutes ago (2:18 PM) "Yes a famous TV Channel host is not right but all the loonies at TH are right how come?" Question: Can a PMSLSD host with an audience share of .00003 really be considered "famous"?
liberalsupertroll Wrote:16 minutes ago (2:32 PM) "We take more debt, invest it in the US economy, give it to workers who will work harder and bring more productivity to the US economy so that US will in future repay its debt." "U.S. Job Growth Down 10% from 2012" (And it wasn't exactly going gangbusters in 2012)... ...Looks like your insane plan ain't doing so well, liberalstuportroll.
liberalsupertroll Wrote:24 minutes ago (2:07 PM) "But that lady is spot on..." Newsflash for liberalstuportroll: Ted Cruz has never burned the American flag, mentally arthritic lefties have. Ted Cruz has never angrily denounced America and publicly professed a hatred for her, mentally arthritic lefties have. Ted Cruz has never claimed that America "needs to be taken down a notch or two", mentally arthritic lefties have. We have one side with a demented side, always claiming to hate America while accusing others of hatred because we loath "fundamental change"... ...If you're successful in turning America into a Neo-Soviet police state, then, you're right, we will hate Amerika.
Lois confuses 1960's campus commie halfwits with people who work for a living... ...But then she's always been as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar.
usmcpgw Wrote:2 minutes ago (12:41 PM) "thought it was ButtDipperAtlanta" Considering that's most likely what its head is stuck into, you may be right...
Henry VIII Wrote:12 minutes ago (12:26 PM) "loisonumbers Wrote: 6 minutes ago (12:18 PM) FLAGGED! your generation = 'work harder for me so I can get my entitlements!! I got mine, screw you.' You vote got what you voted for, now your whining....." It's been pointed out to Lois many times that there's a difference between earning something and a hand-out... ...But Lois is determined to spend her life stuck on stupid.
That's BrainDeadAtlanta...
I'd rather have a Canadian than a Kenyan...
The lefties wanted a Rock Star President... ...But, instead, they got a petulant child, temper tantrum throwing president.
Oh c'mon, guy's... ...Obersturmbannführer Michelle of the Food Gestapo's gotta' keep moving... ...Just look at those thighs.
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