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The Owe has finally gotten the civilian army he was babbling about... ...It's called the National Parks Service.
BDAtlanta Wrote:5 minutes ago (8:40 AM) "You elderly townhall readers realize that if we default next week the social security checks will stop coming?" Sociable Security is awash in an ocean of red ink... ...Even without a gub'ment shutdown it's likely to default next week.
Really? How much does it cost to cut a check? It has to cost one helluv'a lot less than paying hundreds of park rangers to put up Barrycades...
But we CAN pay our bills by printing cash... ...Liberals really do think money grows on trees.
DoctorX Wrote:12 minutes ago (4:45 PM) "Ooops. Looks like Obama put these Tea Party Gang Members in their place -- 'shamed them in front of God and everyone.'..." Oh, you mean like when the Tea Party committed the PR fail of the century by using park rangers and police to put up Barrycades to keep 90 year old vets out of an open air monument? ...Oh, wait... ...That wasn't the Tea Party, it was the smartest president ever.
Last night, Mr. Green_Jeans (who some of you may remember as "Institutionalized Hatred") kept insisting that Reagan raised the debt ceiling 17 times, as if that somehow tainted Reagan... ...Like all simpleton lefties the devil's in the details they leave out: Reagan had a dimwitcrat congressional majority, intent (as usual to spend like idiots). Reagan had to rebuild the military after Carter had let it languish. And Reagan's military spending had the added bonus of crushing the Soviet Union without firing a shot. Owebambi's spending is meant only to bring America to her knees.
We hate to say we told ja' so... ...No we don't... ...Told ja' so!
Extortion isn't a routine with the dimwitcrats... ...It's a tradition.
liberalstuportroll Wrote:28 minutes ago (3:47 PM) "But USSR and Roman Empire were indeed great empires and infact when they left the path of socialism their decline began. When USSR left its socialistic agenda and turned towards the path of socialism its downfall started. Of late it has been going back to socialistic agenda and its power has started to incease. Take East Germany they took loans from W Germany and the Government invested in East Germany and today it is better of than W Germany as well." If this is what passes for history education in America we're deep trouble... ...I was there when the rot of socialism brought the Soviet Union down, liberalstuportroll was not likely even born yet but in any case it has absorbed an idiotic lie like a good little Owebot.
liberalstuportroll Wrote:59 minutes ago (3:05 PM) "Yes but it certainly is doing better than the Bush plan when everything is crashing..." Correction, that crash was brought to us by Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and other economically challenged lefties in an attempt to guarantee the American dream through legislative fiat.
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