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Analysis: Romney Offers Sharp Critique of Obama's Foreign Policy

Uber Dave Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 6:51 PM
...fracturing families and threatening them if they dared to discipline their children. In the 1980's Liberal/Progressive/Socialists created the "Year of the Child" and promoted their "Self Esteem" whether or not the children had done anything worthy of esteem. Now, decades later, when you see the cretins that Liberal/Progressive/Socialist policy has turned Amerika's children into, remember that we did it "for the children".

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney delivered a serious and forceful foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute earlier today, criticizing the atrophy of American influence and alliances over the last four years, and emphasizing the importance of clear-eyed American leadership in the world.  Greg has already flagged one of Romney's more memorable lines, "hope is not a strategy," but there were a number of additional passages worth underlining:

(1) As I discussed earlier, the candidate turned up the heat on the administration over its calamitous handling of the Benghazi attacks, making brief mention of...