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Former GOP Official Alleges Fraud: "I Was Told I'd Already Voted -- But I Hadn't"

u_cant_handle_the_truth Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 12:51 PM
starting with the media who only gives representation to 2 parties. And people can't vote for someone they don't know exists.   9) The President doesn't have much power when not backed by Congress.   Even if there was an honest candidate, no one in Congress is honest so no policy will pass   10) Voting is self oppression. It keeps the masses passive.   Positive change simply can not be made by pulling a lever once every 4 years.   11) Voting teaches people to think idealistically (close minded) not philosophically (open minded)   12) Voting is an illusion. We are all slaves being farmed for money to pay off debts that we had nothing to do with. But at least we have the option of freeing our minds of this fantasy. A fantasy that we hold the

The former Digital Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee tells Townhall he fears he's been victimized by voter fraud in the key swing state of Virginia.  His early morning ordeal played out in the House district of Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), whose 23-year-old son abruptly resigned from the campaign in late October, after being caught on film conspiring to count illegal votes.  When the NRCC alumnus arrived to vote at his polling place in Alexandria this morning, his attempt to cast a ballot was rebuffed by election officials: "I got inside, they set me up, I gave the...