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Interesting. Of course, the only way to find truth is to hear both sides of the story... that way we can compare. Would you mind posting Mit Romney's support for pork projects.
Join the Revolution
Ron Paul the only candidate who had military experience. And the most popular choice among service men and women
I think what he means is "why are we fighting thousands of miles away, while are borders are wide open" How could anyone possibly believe that this is about National Defense. And why have we attacked numerous countries (all but the one place where the hijackers actually came from)"?
Heres a fact. Voting for anyone who supports theft (income tax) or the enslavement of children (debt), is morally wrong.
Who voted for Romney? Other then the people that vote Republican regardless. And perhaps a hand full of polygamists
He did he all he could do It was you who did nothing. You and your mindless friends choose to follow the "loser". Now Obama has won.
To be libertarian is to get rid of that last bit of contradiction. You can't shout words out like "Freedom", "Smaller Government", "Address the Debt", then launch a war on marijuana that violates everyone of those things.
Because conservatives don't know what conservative means
Thats because your a liberal. If the biggest liberal wasn't there (Romney), you'd vote for the second biggest liberal (Obama).
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