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Clinton, Edwards Spitzer, Petraeus... the list goes on. But this guy didn't bang anyone. Politicians don't get in trouble for things that have any effect on our lives. They don't have to do anything they said they would do before being elected/appointed. There is no contract. They are not legally bound. There is no recourse for their actions or lack of actions
Wrong. Politicians are not accountable for their actions. You are delusional if you believe that
He is. In fact, his impact might be even greater now. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel
The war will end. Just not as we hoped. The American empire will end the same way the Roman and Soviet empire ended... when we run out of money and collapse.
If you want to call someone delusional, use facts to back up your case. If you just want to talk trash, then get some better lines.
I like how Republican voters still don't get it. I really I do. They don't seem to understand that they will never win another election again. Who in their right mind would vote for a party that stands for absolutely nothing, except getting elected? The morons actually based their campaign on jobs when only 8.5% of the population is unemployed (half of which don't want to work). And have done nothing for the 53% that pay taxes. What good are jobs when we can't keep the money? And this party claims to represent the majority. Who's that? The party represents nothing (certainly none of us).
No, you win. The tough talking, pencil pushing politician you support is good enough (had he won).
Interesting. Of course, the only way to find truth is to hear both sides of the story... that way we can compare. Would you mind posting Mit Romney's support for pork projects.
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