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A Third Party

u_cant_handle_the_truth Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 10:03 AM
There is already a third party. In fact, there are many 3rd parties. Heres the problem. There's ONLY two parties given representation by the media. And people can't vote for someone they don't know exists. If a 3rd party is to rise, people must wise up. Turn off the FOX. You will never find the truth there (or anywhere in the mainstream media). The media tells the masses who to vote for. They don't talk about the best or even the most "electable" candidate. In fact, it is directly because of the media's coverage, that a candidate becomes the most electable.
Wumingren Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 10:49 AM
Nor does the U.S. have a system that allows a coalition government, like so many European nations, who allow proportional representation based on the proportion of voter turnout at the polls. I'm not saying that I want a coalition government, as I've also noted that European parliaments tend to have lots of "no confidence" votes and dissolutions of parliaments. I don't know how Italy survives its political house ... or maybe I do know: the political theater occurs on a public stage, while the real power is exercised by the mafia behind the scenes.
Wumingren Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 10:52 AM
In America, the mob control will be in the hands of the unions. Maybe they already do have that much control, considering stolen elections and voter and worker intimidation.

During the Q & A section of my speech to the Chamber group here last night, someone asked what I thought about the concept of a third party to counter the influence of the right wing of the Republican Party.

If there were a true independent third party in the U.S. House and Senate of, say, 10 percent of the membership that would mean 43 Members in the House and 10 Senators.

It is unlikely that either Republicans or Democrats would have enough votes to organize either Chamber without the buy-in of the independents.

Or, put another way,...