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Obama Outsourcing jobs – to China

U.S. Vet Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 4:24 AM
Liberals / Democrats today are simply Treasonous Bastar*s and like all the Illegals should found and lined up and Shot. Its to bad that Obama and the Government which is preparing for "Social Chaos) because they no what they have done are so Arrogant to think the Military is going to back the Government up,Wrong.I have spent 26 years serving my Country and I no of know one who is serving or out who will defend the Government. I at no time as well as those I served with who ever thought we would be put in this position,But to all my Veteran Brothers we took an Oath to Defend the Constitution first and foremost and no where does it say Government in that oath. We have an Obligation to give America back to the People even if it takes War .

We appreciate all the attention to our post last week, Outsourcing Hypocrisy.  Barack Obama likes to point to General Motors as the poster child for the job creation success of his economic policies.  However, whatever your sentiments about the government's bailout of General Motors, for every job Barack Obama "saved-or-created" in the U.S. there were two jobs off shore. 

The examples of the Obama Administration "stimulating" jobs everywhere on the planet except here in America are endless.  An astute reader reminded us of one of the most glaring examples – hiring Chinese companies...

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